National Servicemen’s inter-branch rifle shoot at Tinaroo

Competitors from Innisfail, Cairns, and Tableland branches who took part in the NSAA FNQ Inter-branch shoot held at Tinaroo.

A FIELD of 19 shooters recently competed in the National Servicemen’s Association’s FNQ Inter-branch rifle shoot, hosted by the NSAA Tableland branch at the Tinaroo Range complex, in perfect weather conditions.

The Tableland and Innisfail branches each fielded eight shooters (seven Nashos), with three shooters from the Cairns branch (two Nashos). 

Competition rules were established before the commencement of the shoot, which were as follows: .22″ Rifle/Benchrest @ 50m 15 rounds = 150 points; .22″ Rifle/Standing/ unsupported/offhand @ 25m 10 rounds = 100 points, and .22″ Pistol/Standing @ 25m 10 rounds = 100 points. Highest possible score = 350 points. 

Only National Servicemen (non-association members included) were eligible to win the Top Marksman trophy made by Tableland Branch Patron, Ray Byrnes. 

All total scores, including guests, were considered for each branch average. 

The winner of the FNQ Nasho Marksman Trophy was Ron Hewer from the Tableland branch, who recorded the highest total score of the disciplines shot with 300.6. 

Former trophy winner, Lawrence Calleja, from Innisfail branch was in second place with 297.1, whilst in third place was fellow Innisfail branch member, Ron Trackson with 290.2.

Adam Russo from the Cairns branch won the Friends of Nashos Trophy for the third time, with a score of 281.4.  As a non-Nasho, Russo recorded the highest total score of the disciplines shot and fourth highest score for the day.  In second place was the only lady shooter, Jill Gill, from Innisfail.

The Encouragement Trophy was awarded to Brendan MacRae from Tableland branch who was the shooter who recorded the lowest total score of the disciplines shot.  Previously, MacRae has won the Friends of Nashos Trophy seven times.

Branch scores were as follows: Innisfail in first place (an average score of 179 points) for their eight shooters; in second place: Cairns (an average score of 167 points) for their three shooters; and in third was Tableland with an average score of 166 points for their eight shooters.

Tableland Branch President, John Hardy, thanked the host, Q66 SSAA Atherton Branch Pistol Club, for use of their range, as well as Ray Byrnes and John Hewer for acting as range officers.

Special thanks went to Greg Bethune, Brendan MacRae, and Jill Gill, along with Kevin Thomson and Terry Edmondson who supervised the scores.

After the trophy presentations, shooters then convened at Kairi Hotel for an enjoyable celebratory lunch and social interaction. 

The recommended dates for the next inter-branch shoots are NSAA Innisfail at Kurrimine Beach on Saturday, August 21, and NSAA Tableland at Ravenshoe on Saturday, November 12.

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