Mourilyan State School Inter-house Sports Day awards

Dolphins captains, Amity, Hunter, and Rainey accepted the Mourilyan Bakery Inter-house trophy on behalf of the victorious Dolphins team.

PERFECT weather prevailed for Mourilyan State School’s Inter-house Sports Day held last term and all students put in their best effort in every event.

Several school records tumbled on the day, as Braxton finished with a time of 2:48 and broke the 800m record of 3:01, set 24 years ago by K. Haxel and T. Vanzella in 1997. 

In the Boys 9 Years 80m (11:65), Braxton broke the previous record of 12:44 set by Chris Cook in 2017 and set a record in Long Jump (3.80m) of 3.47m previously held by Colby Aldridge in 2013. 

Marlion broke the record in Long Jump (4.30m), previously set by Colby Aldridge (3.93m) in 2015, whilst Denan broke the 800m record (2:34) previously set by J Calleja (2.43) in 2005.

After the points were tallied, the Dolphins were the overall winning team on the day, with the Sharks putting up a big fight.

A special parade was recently held at the school, where teams dressed in their sports colours and performed their war cries.

Perpetual trophies were awarded to the winning teams, as well as certificates and medals presented to the individual boys’ and girls’ age champions.

The age champions were as follows:

9 Years 2012


Winner: Bridie

Runner Up: Alanah


Winner: Braxton

Runner Up: Byron

10 Years 2011


Winner: Jade

Runner Up: Layla


Winners: A tie between Hunter and William 

Runner Up: Troy

Overall Junior champions: Bridie and Braxton

11 Years 2010


Winners: A tie between Annaliese and Alyssa

Runner Up: Hannah


Winner: Marlion

Runner Up: Denan

12 Years 2009


Winner: Rainey

Runners Up: A tie between Lucy and Mykah


Winner: Jack

Runner Up: Declan

Overall Senior Champions: Rainey and Jack


Overall Year 1 – 3 Champions Trophy: Sharks

Ball Games Trophy: Dolphins

Junior Tug-o-War Girls: Dolphins

Junior Tug-o-War Boys: Dolphins

Senior Tug-o-War Girls: Sharks

Senior Tug-o-War Boys: Dolphins

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