Mission Beach School Kids celebrate Cassowaries!

Koa, Shaun, Luke, Ella, Kelly- Year 4

The school kids of Mission Beach are on a mission to alert road users to the possibility of a cassowary appearing around the bend, on a curve, or navigating a wide road. Their message is clear…slow down!  We love our cassowaries, we want to protect them, and they deserve our respect. 

The kids at Mission Beach love living in the ‘Cassowary Capital’ of Australia. Growing up near their endangered living dinosaur is a privilege they do not take for granted 

They have been designing bright, colourful, artworks to be digitally enhanced by Artist and Festival Coordinator, Liz Gallie, to use as road signs to help raise awareness during the 2021 Community Cassowary Festival.  From the earliest grades to Year Six, their passionate messages ring loud and clear; ‘slow down’ and ‘watch out’ when driving on roads through cassowary country.    In acknowledgment of all their efforts to protect the environment and cassowaries, this year the Mission Beach State School kids won a Wet Tropics Management Authority Cassowary Award. 

That is not the only creative works in which they are involved. Both the Mission Beach State School, under the guidance of Art Teacher, Carmen Pedroni, and the 

Rainforest School kids being tutored by Artist, Nina Dawson, are busy making cassowary costumes to wear in the ‘Drumming of the Cassowaries’ Grand Parade. The parade will be supported by the Tully High School Brass Band and led by well known entertainment identity Di Queen, specially invited from Cairns to lend her magic to the Festival.

Liz said the Mission Beach school kids always come up with great slogans, which show how much they love the rainforest’s ‘big birds.  

“The Cassowary Festival, which will be held on Saturday, September 4, is a celebration of our community, for our community,” said Liz. 

“A big colourful creative event, with opportunities for local businesses and families to showcase the community’s commitment to caring for Cassowaries, keeping Mission Beach natural, and celebrating the special place in which we live. The kids are our best ambassadors,” Liz advised.

The festival Steering Committee invites everyone to follow the kids lead and join in the fun, make a costume, join the parade, dress up their market stall, or showcase initiatives that contribute to an eco-sustainable future. 

For more information, please visit www.cassowaryfestival.com

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