Locals impress on stage at 34th Innisfail Young Performers Competition

Locals impress on stage at 34th Innisfail Young Performers Competition

ASPIRING young actors and actresses took to the stage for speech, drama and music sections in the 34th annual Innisfail Young Performers Competition at the Con Theatre.

The Year 10 and over championship poem recitation section was won by Mercedes Micale with Louisa Winiarski in second place and Adam Nielsen in third.

In Secondary Speech and Drama, Mercedes Micale took out the Alyssa Oliveri Encouragement Award for Shakespearian Excerpt (Grades 7 and over), as well as the Tina Patane Speech Award.

Ella Nielsen was the recipient of the Paronella Park Primary Speech and Drama Award and the Adjudicator’s Choice Award went to Louisa Winiarski.

First places were awarded to: Nico Azzopardi (2), Ella Nielsen (6), Ezamay Harris, Leisle Kuhle (2), Louisa Winiarski (4), Naomi Kuhle (2), Charlotte Boevink, Kalina Winiarski (4), Sofia Winiarski (3), Mercedes Micale (4), Michelle De Faveri, Alivia Herlihy, Zhen-Fapani-Cuthbertson, Albina Niceforo, Mei Hartnett, Valentina Brown, Zachary Scrivens (2), Daniel Anderson, Paul Hitchings and Scarlett Santariga.  

Second places were awarded to: Summer Farman, Giacomo De Faveri (2), Isaac George, Brock Austin (4), Nico Azzopardi (2), Scarlett Santariga, Grace Sloan, Louisa Winiarski (4), Leisle Kuhle (4), Kalina Winiarski (3), Adam Nielsen (2), Naomi Kuhle, Sofia Winiarski (3), Trinity Lee, Charlotte Boevink, Albina Niceforo, Luke O’Neil, Brandon Borsato, Zara Lee, Rose Jordan, Salina Wirth and Daniel Anderson.

Third places were awarded to: Isaac George, Brock Austin, Summer Farman, Giacomo De Faveri (2), Chaise Terewaamu, Neveah Williams, Kalina Winiarski, Sofia Winiarski, Naomi Kuhle, Louisa Winiarski (5), Michelle De Faveri (2), Jessica Neal, Jaxon-Robert Blake, Charlotte Boevink (2), Mercedes Micale, Leisle Kuhle, Alivia Herlihy, Summer Daley, Salina Wirth, Prin Dela Pena (2) and Hana Shimizu.

Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to Max Costello, Scarlett Santariga (4), Nico Azzopardi, Brock Austin, Trinity Lee (3), Adam Nielsen (2), Michelle De Faveri, Mercedes Micale, Louisa Winiarski, Jaxon-Robert Blake, Charlotte Boevink, Karsten Vis, Maddison Debel, Ruby Richardson, Maya Cottew, Jesse Daley (2), Paul Hitchings and Rose Jordan.  

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