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Mission Beach is a beautifully scenic locality on the Cassowary Coast. Mission Beach and its surrounding villages counted a total population of 3,181 people in the 2011 census. The once individual villages of Mission Beach and Bingil Bay and South Mission Beach and Wongaling Beach have grown such that they are now considered as one town. Dunk Island, a popular tourist destination, lies approximately 4 km off shore. Some of the top sights around the Mission Beach area are The Great Barrier Reef, Paronella Park, Djiru National Park and Clump Mountain National Park.

The rainforests surrounding Mission Beach are home to the largest Cassowary population in Australia, and these fiercely beautiful birds are common sight in the area. Please slow down and be careful when driving here, and you may well be rewarded by a close-up view of this iconic bird. The short Licuala Fan Palm Walk provides walkers with a unique experience of traversing a whole forest of native fan palms. The townships feature a range of pubs and restaurants and accommodation.