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Tully is a town in the Cassowary Coast region with a population of 2,436 people. It is situated between the cities of Cairns and Townsville, approximately 140 kilometres south of cairns and 210 kilometres north of Townsville. The Tully Sugar Mill is a focal point, and its steaming smoke stacks form an impressive backdrop to the town during the cane crushing season.

Tully also features several impressive Art Deco buildings built after a cyclone destroyed much of the town in 1918. Tully is home to some beautiful landmarks such as Golden Gumboot, Mount Tyson, Mount Mackay National park, Alligators Nest and many more. The famous Gumboot is built to the height of Tully’s record rainfall of 7.9 metres (app. 311 inches) in 1950. Tully often claims the title of Australia’s wettest town, an honour contested by Innisfail and Babinda.

The Tully River is a world-class white water rafting river and has been chosen as the site of the International rafting Federation’s World Rafting Championships in May 2019.