Local Mumpreneur defying odds!

Amanda Griffiths was recently shortlisted for three categories in the QLD/NT Australian Mumpreneur Awards.

AMANDA Griffiths is a woman of many talents with the words, ‘inspirational, determined, and resilient,’ coming to mind. However, our resident ‘Mandy Poppins’ has another trait to add to the long list, and that is ‘Mumpreneur’! 

Late last Friday afternoon, Amanda received an email to advise her that she has been shortlisted for three categories in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards. 

  1. QLD/NT – Overcoming the Odds
  2. QLD/NT – The One to Watch
  3. QLD/NT – The Women’s Business School Excellence Award 

The AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest mothers in Australian business, acknowledging success in business and innovation. These awards are all about supporting mothers in business and provide a unique opportunity for women from all over the Australia to come together to promote their business, connect with fellow mothers in business, and celebrate their business’ success.

When asked what she loves most about being in business, Amanda said, “being a Mumpreneur is the ultimate job. I love the freedom of my working hours and still being able to look after and provide for my family.  I love having the freedom and the ability to explore different opportunities as they arise, trial different innovative ideas, and push the boundaries without being scared to fail.”

Amanda has been on an emotional rollercoaster over the past few years, enduring heartache, overwhelming pain, and numerous setbacks. She has had major surgery (right middle lobe lobectomy, which is the removal of the middle part of her lung), radiation, and chemotherapy for six weeks, and was then declared cancer free in December 2019.

Six months later, her doctors discovered in a routine scan that the cancer had returned. They found numerous tumours in Amanda’s brain, and she endured further treatment, including full brain radiation. It was then that Amanda decided to close her business ‘Mandy Poppin’s the Bush Beautician’ to focus on her family and recovery. 

“My husband, Brett, and daughter, Daisy, have been my biggest support and motivation. They have been with me every step of the way. With their encouragement and support, I believe they have given me the strength to fight this disease and strive ahead. I’ve also received ongoing support from my parents, sister Diane, brother John, my close friends Julie and Jordana, my amazing group of friends, relatives, and my community, who offer their support to me and my family,” Amanda said.

Whilst battling cancer, Amanda, with her husband Brett, began developing a tropical fruit orchard on their farm, bringing their shared dream to life. 

“I’ve always been passionate about baking and cooking using local produce, promoting tourism in our region, showcasing other local producers in our district, and sharing my story about life in ‘our backyard’,” Amanda said.

Amanda and Brett are in the early stages of production on the farm. They are currently selling produce locally but will be looking to send produce to markets soon. Amanda is always doing something on the farm, whether it be the marketing, picking produce, or the general maintenance, including the mowing and pruning of the crops.

Amanda is an inspiration to all who meet her, having spoken at several events, sharing her story, her passion, and her heartache to all those who wish to hear it. Her hope is that by creating awareness and speaking openly about her experiences, she might be able to help someone else going through a rough stage.

“Being nominated for these awards came as a surprise, but it gave me confidence and reassured me that by being determined and motivated my hard work is paying off,” Amanda said.

“If anything, I want to encourage others that you can start all over again after trauma and tragedy in your life. In the past two years, I endured so much but when I reflect on what I have achieved over this time, I have surprised myself and those around me. I didn’t realise how resilient I truly was until I looked back on how much progress I had made. I received a grim prognosis and have had so many obstacles to overcome in the past two years, but I am defying the odds.”

“Life is very different these days as I am still battling this disease but I’m very determined and motivated about achieving my dreams and goals in my life. I want to inspire others with how you can overcome tough times with the right kind of attitude.”

The People’s Choice voting opens to the public on the 9th of August and ends on the 27th of August. Amanda will also be interviewed by a panel of judges. The awards night will then be held in November on the Sunshine Coast. We encourage our local community to rally around Amanda and vote for her. To do so, please visit www.ausmumpreneur.com

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