Local boxer, Kevin Simpson needs help to compete in the Golden Gloves Tournament

Kevin Simpson has his sights set on competing in the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament in Home Hill on June 11 - 12 but needs help to fulfil his goal.

THE family of aspiring teenage boxer, Kevin Simpson, is seeking assistance, by way of donations, to enable him to compete in the Sunstate Amateur Boxing League’s Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament hosted by Rock Solid Boxing Club at Memorial Hall, Home Hill, on June 11 – 12. 

It is a two-day tournament, and his family are short on funds to pay for accommodation during their travels. 

Simpson puts in the hard yards at training and absolutely loves boxing, no matter if he wins or loses, he enjoys the experience.

He trains twice a week with his Coach and, during his hour-long training sessions, works in the ring using pads and bags, with the core focus on skills, technique, strength, stamina, and general fitness in the ring.

Simpson also trains six days per week, which includes road runs of 3.2kms, leg raises, chin ups, and using a 5 – 6kg medicine ball with feet off the ground whilst sitting and doing the Russian twist to build core strength.

Through boxing, he hopes to be a great role model and inspire other teenagers by showing them what the world has to offer, and that they can accomplish anything in life if they put their heart and soul into it. 

Simpson last stepped into the ring and fought in the main junior bout on April 24 at Mountain View Hotel, Gordonvale, which was hosted by Gordonvale Boxing Club. 

He was pre-matched with an opponent who was his cousin, Jai Lewin, from Thursday Island, and this was the first time they met each other in the ring.

Although Simpson did not get the win, it was a good fight, and his family are extremely proud of him for all the hard training he does and for even stepping into the ring and having a go. 

Any individuals or businesses interested in donating/contributing to help Kevin follow his passion of competing in the Golden Gloves tournament, can contact his parents Elisha Barba on 0431 091 209 or Kevin Simpson Snr on 0401 156 795.

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