Cassowary Coast Regional Council is proud to announce the production of the ten-part TV series, ‘Irreverent,’ is about to commence in our region.

Councillor and Community and Culture portfolio holder, Trudy Tschui, said Council has been     working behind the scenes with the proponents of this project for some time now but has been bound by confidentiality agreements.

“It is exciting to be able to speak publicly and officially welcome ‘Irreverent’ to the region.”

“After many location surveys around Far North Queensland, Mission Beach was chosen for a number of reasons; the natural beauty of our home is the obvious reason.”

“As a local to the area, this will be a terrific boost to the local economy.”

Councillor Tschui said that sourcing of cast and crew housing and accommodation has commenced, with many properties already booked for the coming months.

“We have been told that the crew will be working a five-day week, so will have some down time to take advantage of the fantastic tourism activities in the region.”

“As it is a reasonably long shoot, a lot of the crew have already made plans for their families to come with them.”

“Local businesses in the region will benefit with the number of people in town accessing and visiting restaurants, service stations, supermarkets, and hardware stores, to name a few. If the series is successful, it is hoped the production will come back to the region annually to film additional series.”

“I have been advised that preliminary crew will start arriving in Mission Beach in mid-July, with the main crew arriving in last week of August and in town until mid-November and I hope the community will join me in welcoming the crew to our beautiful town,” Councillor Tschui said.

It is anticipated that plans, and drawings will be formally submitted to Council in July.

Art department construction is expected to arrive around July 19 and work will commence measuring up and constructing the ‘set build’ locations as early as July 26. An Art department / construction space has been rented and a lot of the initial prefab construction will start there first.

When appropriate, the production has committed to hosting small groups of school students studying media and arts to set to watch proceedings.

Matchbox has proposed they undertake community notification (in conjunction with advice from Council) via Public Notices and social media to officially inform them of the production activities.

Some of proposed areas of filming may limit access and amenity to the general public and locals alike, however these measures are temporary in nature and any areas accessed will be restored at completion of filming.

Matchbox is a prolific film and television production company with offices in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne, Australia. It makes world-class content for a global audience. Its credits include the leading international adult dramas Stateless, The Heights, Glitch, Safe Harbour, Seven Types of Ambiguity, Secret City, Wanted, and The Slap; and children’s dramas Nowhere Boys and Mustangs FC. Matchbox is also currently in production on a new eight-part drama Clickbait for Netflix.

The company is one of the most credentialed and awarded producers in Australia. It has won International Emmys, Prix de Joverentur, a BAFTA and multiple AACTAs (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards) and Logies. An NBCUniversal International Studios company, Matchbox has produced more than 50 titles, working with every network in Australia and various international buyers and commissioners.

Universal Studio Group, which comprises Universal Television, Universal Content Productions (UCP) and NBCUniversal International Studios, will bring three productions to Queensland: Young Rock (currently in production in South-East Queensland), Joe Exotic and Irreverent. Leveraging its local expertise and infrastructure, Matchbox Pictures will lead and oversee these three projects on the ground.

Irreverent is a 10-part TV series that centres around a Chicago criminal who is forced to assume the identity of a church Reverend in a tropical Australian beach town in order to hide and stay alive. While it becomes clear to the town that he has some unusual ways, the fake Reverend manages to bumble though weddings, funerals, and everything else that is thrown at him, as he tries to maintain his cover. In time, he manages to capture the heart of the town, just as the town captures his heart.

‘Irreverent’ is ultimately a show about the power of community, and the hope that it can bring us all.

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