Letter to the Editor: Litigation has started in the banana industry


So, litigation has started in the banana industry. If you believed this day was never coming, then you must obviously still believe in the tooth fairy.

All this has come about because of the banana industry’s inability to accept change.

One of the biggest law firms in Australia cannot believe what they have opened up. This industry is the worst in Australia for worker injuries, both small and severe.

The worst part of this fiasco is there are two government departments who also should be fined.

Workplace Health and Safety have known for twenty years that there is a machine available, which could have prevented all these injuries. They refused to promote it and their excuse was that it would give the inventor too much of a commercial advantage. 


This is so unbelievable and ridiculous it defies belief.

The second is the OPI. They called a meeting twenty-five years ago to solve these problems. I felt confident leaving that meeting that the idea of the mechanical banana harvester would be taken seriously and enthusiastically. 

I was wrong.

The theory of keep it hard, we will keep the industry to ourselves, has now come back to bite them. This Department is still promoting ancient farming methods simply because the bureaucrats have never grown bananas themselves. If you want to see infested bananas go and have a look at their plot at South Johnstone.

The leaders of this industry should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to go this far. Blind Freddy could see this day was always going to arrive.

Tully was the land of opportunity.

The injuries will continue even with the imported labour.


Be smart, pick a better way!

Tom Johnstone


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