Letter to the Editor: Local Library


Dear Editor,

Local Library

A few weeks back, I went down to my local library. It being the middle of the day on a Friday and it not being a public holiday, I thought this Council building, for which I help pay with my rates, would be open, but no, the entire Council had taken a half day off to go to a Christmas Party. Now, I did not remember that Christmas was in July, but I am nearly 90, so I am probably a bit daft in the head.

In my day, we did our drinking after work. I never knew a boss who even gave time off for a Christmas party in December and I had some bosses who were really soft in the head.

Now I am an old fart and probably going to be six feet under when voting time comes around again, so they are not going to listen to me, but I would like somebody to ask our beloved leaders why this is acceptable? Now, I am not against them going for a drink or having a party (people work hard) but do it in your own time! 

Us old fogies need our local services and we do not have time to waste for you to finish your glass of champagne. 

Sal Agostino Jnr

Old Fart 

Port Hinchinbrook

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