Letter to Editor


Good to see ALP opposition leader, Anthony Albanese, retracting the Shorten policies that lost the ALP the unlosable last federal election.

Took him long enough, however, the ALP may have a chance next time if they distance themselves from the far-left radical Greens’ movement, who would see us all eating lettuce leaves and sprouts for the rest of our lives and corking up the rear end of our cattle industry. Win back the grass roots ALP stronghold with some good back-to-basics policy, spend a lot more time winning back their Qld vote, embrace coal and gas in the short term on the way to a renewables future, and, like the LNP did with Newman, never mention the Shorten name ever again.

Albo needs to come out and present as a lot stronger leader and start campaigning now for the next election; in other words be Mr Albo Everywhere.

You can do it Albo!

I feel there is a perception in the community that the ALP is moving closer to the middle of politics, as is the LNP, and the point of difference is becoming very muddled and lost to grass roots voters on both sides

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