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I know I am speaking a lot about welcoming people into our community who have good business skills and not just people who are related to people who already live in the area.  As I mentioned previously, I have been on both sides of the examples that I discussed.

I am grateful to the multiple active members of the Hinchinbrook and Cassowary Coast community who have thanked me over the last few weeks for speaking out this truth.

I want to address a comment I also hear often. “I enjoy talking to the ‘new business owner’ and have never said anything bad about them.” It is a beautiful sentiment but isn’t relevant to making a person feel welcome in the community when they are a new business owner.

If there is a new business in the community and they have a damaged property that ‘locals’ give all the excuses in the world not to fix, ‘locals’ are ensuring that the person doesn’t feel welcomed in the community.

If you are one of those people, you are why new businesses do not feel welcomed into the community.

It is exhausting hearing that many new businesses have come into the region and then left again within a few months and for ‘locals’ to blame the newcomer and never consider what ‘locals’ did to ensure that the person never felt welcomed.

There is also the financial cost to a new business trading at a loss if they are providing a service but not getting supported to provide their service.

I am sharing this because as a born and raised Tully ‘local’, if I can’t identify what I have done, that is why my town is dying, then there is no fixing the problem.

I want to see Tully’s streets looking as active as they did when I grew up here in the 80s & 90s.

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