Innisfail United Premier Reserves Men’s team topple Leichhardt

Innisfail’s Ezikiel Mansale (right), who scored three goals, and a Leichhardt player fly high to head the ball in the Premier Reserves Men’s game. Photo: Maria Girgenti

INNISFAIL United Football Club’s junior and senior teams were back in action on Friday and Saturday and finished the round with mixed results.

Last Saturday, the club held a Sponsors Day at Castor Park, with six matches played throughout the day against Leichhardt Lions.

There was plenty on offer during the day, with the PCYC PlayStation trailer for the youngsters, Innisfail State College’s drama cheerleader dance routine and Mini Roos players were on display at half time of the Premier Men’s game. 

Second spot on the ladder was up for grabs in the Premier Men’s game, with both teams having to settle for one point each after it ended in a hard fought 3 – 3 all draw. 

Innisfail’s Premier Reserves Men’s team stormed home to a 4 – 0 victory over Leichhardt in front of an appreciative home crowd.

Ezikiel Mansale netted three goals whilst the Captain, Jacob Vecchio, scored one.

FNQ Football Round 10 results were as follows:

June 18 – Steve Corica Oval

Innisfail United Premier 2nd Division Men -v- Southside Comets

Full time: 7 – 3 win to Innisfail


Kalomarona Taea 3

Ethan Crossland

Kalontas Junior Chillya

Ryan King

William Darveniza

Innisfail United 3rd Division Men -v- Southside Comets Halleys

Full time: 22 – 0 win to Innisfail


Damien Musumeci 9

Marcus Cini 4

Michael Maguire 2

Paul Piccolo 2

Chris Borsato 2

Travis Calleja

Gino Di Carlo

Fredy Schneiders

Innisfail United Ladies’ Reserves – Bye

Innisfail United Premier Women’s – Bye

June 19 – Steve Corica Oval

Innisfail Under 12 JPL -v- Leichhardt 

Full time: 1 – 3 loss to Innisfail

Innisfail Under 13 JPL -v- Leichardt

Full time: 0 – 1 loss to Innisfail

Innisfail U14/15s JPL -v- Leichhardt

Full time:  3 – 0 win to Innisfail


John Cunningham

Kayden Crowley

Gavin Shannon

Innisfail United Premier Youth -v- Leichhardt

Full time: 0 – 7 loss to Innisfail

Innisfail JC Under 13 Division 2 -v- Leichhardt Lionesses at Endeavour Park

Full time: 1 – 0 win to Innisfail


Jacob Frumento

Innisfail JC Under 14/15 Division 1 -v- Edge Hill White

Full time: 0 – 9 loss to Innisfail

Innisfail JC Under 12 Division 1 -v- Marlin Coast Rangers at Endeavour Park

Full time: 0 – 2 loss to Innisfail

June 20

Innisfail JC Under 12 Division 1 -v- Edge Hill White at Endeavour Park

Full time: 1 – 0 win to Innisfail


Samuel Frumento

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