Innisfail State College Year 12 students dazzle at formal

Amitaa Sopong and Ronan Howarth arrived in a 1970 Valiant.

LAST Thursday, the Year 12 cohort of from Innisfail State College swapped their school uniforms for smart suits and dresses of all different styles and colours and celebrated with a formal function at the Innisfail Shire Hall.


This year’s formal was held two months earlier and kept the same format as last year. 


With gatherings limited due to COVID-19, Jack Fossey Park could not be used as a venue for photos and parents and family members were unable to attend the formal dinner. 


Lots of photos were snapped in their formal attire with family and friends at the grounds of Innisfail State College before a group photo of the class of 107 students was taken outdoors. 


Families gathered in groups at along the covered walkway the length of A block and cheered as students were presented and walked the red-carpet.


At the end of the walkway, students then returned to their waiting vehicles, which included a Harley Davidson motorcycle and semi-trailer truck. 


Many students travelled in vintage shiny cars. Mustangs, a Ferrari, as well as other classy modes of transport were hired for the night, with many of them driven in style to their formal venue.


A procession of 10 vehicles at a time were dispatched from the College to the Shire Hall under the direction of local police who donated their time and maintained stations along the route to ensure safe and smooth traffic flow. 



The vehicle procession left the carpark, along Flying Fish Point Road, over Geraldton Bridge, before turning left at the hospital roundabout, then along the Esplanade to Innisfail Police station, around the roundabout and right into Rankin Street, past Woolworths and Innisfail Post Office to the Shire Hall, where students walked the red carpet. 


Members of Queensland Police Service directed the cars and traffic on Rankin Street as students were dropped off outside the Shire Hall and then entered the venue for a ‘Woodland’ themed gala dinner.

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