Innisfail Show Results – Woodwork


Woodwork, Wood Craft, Wood Creator, Wood Turning and Carving


1.  Novice

1st: Patrick Gilby

2nd: Les Holden

3rd: Jayden Murray

2. Open

1st: Brad Morse

2nd: Tim Connolly

3rd: Peter Dillon

Champion Woodwork

Patrick Gilby

Wood Craft

3. Novice Crafter

1st: Geoff Irvine

2nd: Steven Marsh

3rd: Pabel Sanchez Reyes

4. Open Crafter

1st: Bill Booker

2nd: Peter Dillon

3rd: Bill Booker

Woodwork Created

5.  Novice Creator

1st: Mick Welch

2nd: Michelle Zahra

3rd: Michelle Zahra

6. Open Creator

1st: Ray Finlay

2nd: Geoff Foley

3rd: John Horsford

Champion Wood Crafter & Creator

Bill Booker

Wood Turning

Class: Small

7. Small Novice Turner

1st: Cameron Galipo

2nd: Cameron Galipo

3rd: Cameron Galipo

8.  Small Open Turning

1st: Patrick Gilby

2nd: Geoff Foley

3rd: Geoff Foley

Class: Large

9.  Large Novice Turning

1st: Karen Singh

10.  Large Open Turning

1st: John Horsford

2nd: Barry Laffin

3rd: John Horsford

Champion Wood Turner

John Horsford

Carving Any Size Medium:

11.  Novice

1st: Pabel Sanchez Reyes

2nd: Pabel Sanchez Reyes

Champion Carver

Pabel Sanchez Reyes

13: People with Special Needs

1st: Vernon Congram

2nd: Vang Vue

3rd: Ashleigh Gleeson

14: Novice 14 Years & Under

1st: Natalie Wolff

2nd: Keely Huirama

3rd: Lachlan Lyons

15.  Intermediate 14 Years & Under

1st: Millie Csukardy

2nd: Skye Barba

3rd: Cienna Leaver

16. Open 14 Years & Under

1st: Callum Saunders

2nd: Cienna Leaver

3rd: Jonathon De Brincat

Champion Junior Woodwork Under 14

Callum Saunders

17. Novice 15 -16 years

1st: Lilly Wehlow

2nd: Kai Greven

3rd: Eliza Cook

18.  Intermediate 15 -16 years

1st: Kohan Spry

2nd: Jake Wieland

3rd: Hermione Stewart

19. Open 15 – 16 years

1st: Kai Greven

2nd: Jake Wieland

3rd: Scarlet Sparks

20. Novice 17 – 18 years

1st: Kyle Cutuli

2nd: Jett Wolff

21. Intermediate 17 – 18 years

1st: Wrygg Barla-Trommestad

2nd: Timothy Bainbridge

3rd: Jake Wieland

22.  Open 17 – 18 Years

1st: Kyle Cutuli

2nd: Kai Greven

3rd: Jett Wolff

Champion Boys & Girls 15 – 18 Years

Kai Greven

Most Outstanding Junior Woodworker

Kyle Cutuli

Champion Boys & Girls Under 15 – 18 Years

Kohan Spry

Most Innovative of the Show

Patrick Gilby

Grand Champion Woodwork of the Show

Patrick Gilby

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