Innisfail judokas do themselves proud at Judo Australia National Championships

Innisfail Judo Club was well represented at Judo Australia’s National Championships with 10 judokas competing and their support staff.

INNISFAIL Judo Club was well represented, with 10 of their athletes competing in Judo Australia National Championships, held at Gold Coast Sport & Leisure Centre, Carrara, last month.

Close to 700 competitors participated and, after two years, it was an opportunity for the Judo community to re-connect and reunite with friends and family.

Darcy Tew (Junior Boys -27kg), Flynn Nurzenski, Charli-Rose Nurzenksi (Junior Girls -40kg), Lily De Brincat, Cienna Leaver, Seth Leaver, Riley De Brincat, Coby De Brincat, Ben Sultana, and Jack Zieth from the Innisfail Judo Club represented Queensland, and did themselves, their parents, and coaches, immensely proud.

Sensei Paul De Brincat had Queensland team coaching duties during the championships. 

Results were as follows:

Senior Girls (-48kg)

Silver – Lily De Brincat

Bronze – Qld Teams’ event

Senior Girls (-63kg)

Silver – Cienna Leaver

Bronze – Qld Teams’ event

Cadet Men (-50kg)

Gold – Riley De Brincat

Senior Kyu Grade – Men’s Division (-60kg)

Bronze – Riley De Brincat 

Senior Kyu Grade Men’s Division (-60kg)

Gold – Coby De Brincat

Junior Girls (-29kg)

Flynn Nurzenski

Bronze – Qld Teams’ event

Darcy Tew, Flynn, and Charli-Rose, in Junior Boys/Girls, and Ben Sultana in Senior Men’s and Senior Kyu Grade Men’s Division, wore the Queensland patch for the very first time. 

All three of the junior boys/girls gave 110% and, although neither of them received medals for their performances, their composure on the mats was impressive, especially as it was their first time in the national arena. 

Seth Leaver competed in Cadet Men (-66kg), Riley De Brincat in Cadet Men (-50kg), Junior Men (-60kg), and Senior Kyu Grade Men (-60kg). Coby De Brincat competed in Cadet Men (-60kg), Junior Men (-60kg) and Senior Kyu Grade Men (-60kg) and Ben Sultana in Senior Men Under (-66kg) and Senior Kyu Grade Men (-66kg) and Jack Zieth (No Limits).

Each judoka held their own, all having some wins and losses, and most of the bouts were so close they could have gone either way. 

Coby De Brincat’s impressive performance in the Senior Kyu Men’s division (-60kg) saw him contest the gold medal in an intense fight, which lasted 10 minutes against a much older and higher ranked player, and Coby went on to claim gold. 

Innisfail Judo Club was extremely grateful to their extended Judo families, Cairns Judo Club and Coral Coast Judo, for their support in the lead up to and during the Nationals.

Colt Barba from Col’s Vinyl & Canvas Goods was thanked for his sponsorship and helping members sew Queensland back patches onto their GIs. 

After Nationals, the NQ medal tally consisting of Cairns, Innisfail, Coral Coast, and Mackay Judo clubs converted 80% of their entries into medals, and 27% of the entries into gold. 

This is an impressive result for only four clubs, which have limited opportunities to train together.

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