Innisfail Golf Club results


unior Golf – May 16

The Ambrose has proved a popular game recently, especially when the dice comes out for the handicap. 

Innisfail juniors had a great morning with ‘The Ratbags’ comprised of Declan Coffey, Jayden Hawkswell, Mason Zadelj, and Finn Jensen declared the winners of the Ambrose. 

Meanwhile, Olly and Melody had great rounds in the 3-Hole Modified.

Top End Apps 4-Ball Stableford – May 15

1st: Luke Peters and Trent Mann – 44pts

2nd: Rob Mills and Bryce Hoad – 44pts

3rd: Allan Gould and Richard Searl – 44pts

Friday Sporters’ competition – May 14

1st: Josh Jones – 22pts  

2nd: Bryce Hoad – 18pts

3rd: Jim Ferguson – 16pts  

Wednesday All Sporters – May 12

1st: Jake Cockle – 18pts  

2nd: Jim Ferguson – 17pts  

3rd: Kevin Walsh – 17pts

Upcoming events – May

May 28 – Friday Sporters’ competition

May 28 – Coaching with Luke Newman

May 29 – Peak Aviation Single Stableford

May 30 – Junior Golf

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