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Rauno Lehtsalu won the Cairns Golf World Monthly Medal on October 2.

A HUGE thank you to the grounds crew for the work they have completed this week, as the course looks incredible.


Would any members who can lend a hand on Thursdays, please advise Andrew Rose?


Our thanks to the Gordonvale team for coming down and playing at Innisfail on October 2. Everyone at the Club thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to having reciprocal competitions next year. 


Does any member remember how long it has been since there have been over fifty players in a Saturday competition in Innisfail (not including an Open or Classic)? The best estimate from the Club’s established members was over 20 years.


Innisfail did get up on the Aggregate Stableford points 580 to 531.


Last week’s IGC Rules & Etiquette Quiz/Answer


In match play, Streety’s ball lies in a penalty area, and he takes a practice swing in the penalty area, grounding his club in the process. What is the ruling?


A – There is no penalty

B – Streety gets one penalty stroke

C – Streety loses the hole


Answer – A. A player may ground his or her club anywhere in a penalty area without penalty. (Rule 17.1b)


This week’s Quiz


Cindy putts on the putting green with the flagstick in the hole. Her ball comes to rest against the flagstick with part of the ball below the putting surface. The ball is considered holed.


True or False?


Blake Thomas shot the lights out for twenty-five points in the Wednesday All Sporters’ 9-hole competition on September 29, whilst Arthur Rogers will have fun with his handicap this week.



1st: Blake Thomas 25pts

2nd: Arthur Rogers 22pts

3rd: Kevin Walsh 21pts

NTP – Geoff Johnston



IGC Captain, Luke Peters played well in the Friday Sporters’ 9-hole competition on October 1 to get over the line on a countback.



1st: Luke Peters 21pts c/b

2nd: John Abbott 21pts

3rd:  Rauno Lehtsalu 19pts


A record has been set at the Club, as fifty-one players competed in the Cairns Golf World Monthly Medal 18-hole competition on October 2. 


Thanks to the Gordonvale team for coming down to play. Numbers like this on a Saturday have not occurred in over 20 years.


There was an expectation after 9 holes with Rauno Lehtsalu shooting two over par. How would he manage the back nine?


Eight players played under their handicap on the day, but there had to be something special to chase down Lehtsalu.


Lehtsalu shot a personal best of seventy-nine, Nett 63, and blitzed the field. Congratulations Rauno and welcome to B-Grade!


Allan Gould and Lance Doyle won their Vandeleur & Todd Solicitors Matchplay and advanced to the semi-finals.


1st: Rauno Lehtsalu 63 nett

2nd: John Richards 66 nett

3rd: Lance Doyle



1/10 – Jake Cockle 4/13 – Greg Powell 7/16 – Mitchell Houghton
2/11 – John Abbott 5/14 – Bryce Hoad 8/17 – E. Nest
3/12 – Luke Peters 6/15 – Paul Tattam (Eagle) 9/18 – Ian Saunderson


Innisfail junior golfers had a great morning on Sunday, playing six holes modified, in hot conditions.


The Club’s newest junior member, Fred Costello, played his first junior competition and shot a blistering score of 39 off the stick for five holes.


Costello took out the competition on Nett 3.



1st: Fred Costello

2nd: Finn Jensen


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Upcoming Events

Wednesday All Sporters’ competition from 12.00pm, groups of four permitted.

Friday Sporters’ competition from 12.00pm and 2.00pm, groups of four permitted – online bookings.

FNQ Ladies Ambrose – November 7.

FNQ Pennants Round – November 11.

Survivor Golf Series – Dec 4 – 5.

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