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Blake Thomas won the Friday Sporters competition on September 29.

GREEN renovations were completed over two days last week, at Innisfail Golf Club, by the reno crew. 


The greens were solid tine aerated, scarified and double cut, then the team top-dressed the greens with a mixture of sand and lime using shovels, and mowed.


This was an enormous job and a huge thank you goes to Andrew Rose, Ian Street, Geoff Johnston, Ian McDonald, Craig Alman, Blake Thomas, and John Lombardi for all their hard work.


Gordonvale Golf Club members played at Innisfail last Saturday, as their course was closed due to the races.


This was on the same day as the Monthly Medal and an aggregate stableford was played to determine the winning club. 


The second round of the FNQ Pennants was held on Sunday, September 26, and Innisfail teams did much better playing against Atherton Golf Club.


A-Grade – Trent Mann was the only winner at A1, with Allan Gould and Colin Bidgood going down to the wire, just missing out on the wins on their final hole. A-Grade went down 1/4.


Innisfail’s B-Grade team got up for the win, 3/2. Solid performances by Joel Saunders, Ian Saunderson, and Lance Masina got the team across the line.


C-Grade were victorious 3/2, on a tough Gordonvale track. Wins by Dan Carter, Wombat (Geoff) Johnston, and Josh Jones proved too tough for their opponents.


A solid effort from all players. The next stop is Cairns Golf Club on October 9, against Palmer Sea Reef. 


There were only five correct answers to IGC’s Rules and Etiquette September quiz. Congratulations to James Scullen for winning the Titleist ProV1.


Last week’s quiz and answer:


Blake started Monthly Medal (stroke play) with 13 clubs. During the front 9, Blake broke his putter in anger. After the 9th hole, he purchased a new putter in the Pro shop and used it for the rest of the round. What is the ruling?


A – There is no penalty

B – Blake receives 2 stroke penalties for the next 2 holes

C – Blake is disqualified


Answer – A. There is no penalty. Since Blake started with 13 clubs, he was entitled to add another club under Rule 4.1b(1).


This week’s Quiz:


In match play, Streety’s ball lies in a penalty area, and he takes a practice swing in the penalty area, grounding his club in the process. What is the ruling?


Friday Sporters competition – September 24

1st: Ned Jacobsen

2nd: David Middlebrook

3rd: Herb Walsh


Wednesday All Sporters – September 27 

1st: John Slater 22pts

2nd: Rauno Lehtsalu 21pts

3rd: Colin Bidgood 20pts


Friday Sporters 9-hole competition – September 29

1st: Blake Thomas 19pts

2nd: Ned Jacobsen 18pts


It was pleasing to see plenty of players out for Saturday’s Top End Apps Stableford 18-hole competition on September 30. The weather was beautiful, and the scoring was hot.


Colin Bidgood is loving the course and shot his PB round to post the best score of the morning groups.


1st: Colin Bidgood 40pts

2nd: Des Hensler 39pts

3rd: Troy Jones 38pts c/b



1/10 – 4/13 – Hal Barclay 7/16 – Mick Wilkinson
2/11 – Des Hensler 5/14 – Jake Cockle 8/17 – E Nest
3/12 – Colin Bidgood 6/15 – Des Hensler 9/18 – Troy Jones

Four Innisfail junior golfers had an early start to compete in the three-day Junior Open at Atherton Golf Club, from September 26 – 28.


They performed well and took home some prizes.


Caine Cockle – Gross Runner Up (18 Holes), Day 1 – NTP and Day 2 – Long Drive

Regina Gattera – Nett Runner Up (9-Holes Novice Girls) and Day 2 – Long Drive

Keean Greven – Gross Winner (9 Holes Modified), Day 1 and 2 – NTP and Long Drive

Kai Greven – Day 3 – NTP – 18 Holes


The Mark Memorial Golf Weekend gets underway today, with a junior competition from 3.30pm -6.00pm for those aged four to 18, including games, golf, and a barbeque for $5.


Tomorrow, October 9 is the 4BBB Stableford, with tee off from 7.00am and 11.30am. The cost is $15 for IGC members and $25 for visitors.


Social 3-Ball Ambrose is on Sunday, October 10, with a shotgun start at 12.00pm. Players do not need to be a member. The cost is $20 for adults and $15 for children. Registrations can be done on the day between 11.00am – 12.00pm. 


Please visit Innisfail Golf Club’s Facebook page to keep up with golf in the region.


Upcoming events

Wednesday All Sporters 9-hole competition – tee off 12.00pm and 3.00pm.

Friday Sporters 9-hole competition – tee off 12.00pm and 2.00pm.

Saturday tee off 7.30am – 8.05am and 12.00pm – 12.49pm.

In Electrics 4BBB Stableford – October 16.

Hoad Business Development Single Stroke – October 23.

Vandeleur & Todd Stableford Match Play Semi-finals – October 30.

FNQ Ladies Ambrose – November 7.

FNQ Pennants Round – November 11.

Survivor Golf Series – Dec 4 – 5.

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