Ingham Uptown Market

Judy and John Braithwaite, Barbara Raiteri, Yasman Bye, Kathleen Lynch, and Mary DiMauro at Ingham Uptown Market.

After a successful trial last month, Mercer Lane Markets has changed its name and location to Ingham Uptown Market. The markets still occur once a month, but now start from Lee’s Hotel and go through to the Optometrists on the north side of Lannercost Street.  

The organisers decided to make the move to attract more people to support and shop in local businesses. The move has made the markets more visible to people who are just driving through town and the change of location has brought more people into the local shops.

“It is all to exhibit and sell the local talent, which we have,” said Barbara Raiteri, one of the organisers. 

To participate, there are a few finer details of which Ingham locals need to be aware.  You need to be producing a product, which you personally created, and you will need to hold insurance with Public Liability cover of at least $20million.  

Stall holders and local businesses that have participated in the move report that, due to the change in location, they have seen more people attending the market and a stronger return on their investment. 

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