Ingham Re-Awakening of Chinese local history a historian’s dream


The Re-Awakening of Buk Ti – Part 2 Exhibition, now showing at the Hinchinbrook TYTO Art Gallery, is the culmination of several years of research produced, under the direction of Doctor Sandra Robb, an Historian and Cultural professional of Townsville, by members of the Ingham Family History Association Inc.

The Exhibition displays a replica of the Buk Ti Chinese Temple of Halifax, reconstructed from an old photo and the description in local historian A. Kemp’s local history series. It displays a series of story boards of early Chinese families whose descendants still live in Ingham, and it brings to life the lives and history of many of the early Chinese settlers and their part in the development of the Herbert River, in both the business world and the cane growing industry.

It outlines the social system and restrictions put in place at the turn of the 20th century to keep the “Yellow Peril” out of Australia, and how it affected the Chinese already living with us.

The exhibition, which has attracted attention from as far afield as Melbourne, will be on display at the Hinchinbrook TYTO art Gallery until 25 July. Entry is free.

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