By 16/July/2021

The results of the semi-final games were:


J. Casanovas, 159, defeated N. Evans, 101. 

Championship Triples

K. Rotondo, J. Craven, and S. Ryan, 27, defeated Y. Roberts, M. Moore, and A. Rutherford, 17. 

Social Play  

A. Barron, B. Eddleston, J. Fenoglio, and G. Cockrell, 15, defeated M. Cole, L. Di Bella, and P. Miguel, 14. 

Players required for the Noorla Trophy next week are E. Piotto, L. Melvin, J. Craven, P. Miguel, K. Rotondo, J. Casanovas, G. Cockrell, and N. Evans. This will be played at the Ingham Green, with cards called at 12.45pm for 1pm start. Rinks are available for social bowls

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