Ingham Ladies’ Bowls


The members of Ingham, Macknade, and Noorla Clubs played  in the Ingham Carnival. There were 2 rounds of 10 ends each and the overall winners were N. Mancuso, B. Eddleston, A. Rutherford, and L. Melvin. 


In Round 1, they defeated M. Spano, J. Fnoglio, L. DiBella, and S. Ryan, 10-5, and in the second round, they defeated G. Bison, R. Rose, G. Cockrell, and N. Evans, 13-5. 


In other Round 1 games D. Morgan, M. Bandiera, J. Craven, and L. Marbelli defeated G. Bisson, R. Rose, G. Cockrell, and N. Evans, 13-6; and  M. Moore, J. Casanovas, and A. Fudriga drew with C. Hewitt, K. Rotondo, and P. Miguel,10-10.


In Round 2, skips only, S. Ryan defeated P. Miguel, 17-9 and A. Fudriga defeated L. Marbelli, 13-6.

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