Ingham Ladies’ Bowls


The result of the Semi Finals Club 4’s was:

  1. Moore, A. Rutherford, J. Casanovas, and E. Piotto  (35) defeated M. Spano, K. Rotondo, G. Cockrell, and P. Miguel (14). 


The result of the Social Bowls was:

  1. Gosney, J. Fenoglio, S. Ryan, and N. Evans (17) defeated R. Doherty, B. Eddleston, J. Craven, and L. Melvin (16). 


Next week, our club will be hosting our Ingham Carnival Day, with a 1pm start. Should any of our northern sister club members wish to join us for a fun afternoon, please ring our Selector, Kay, on 0419731401. 


The finals of the Club 4s have been arranged, good bowling to all.

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