Noorla Trophy

The Noorla Trophy was played on the Ingham Green on Wednesday. It was a wonderful warm winter’s day, enjoyed by all. Our three Herbert River Clubs competed.

Macknade was the winner over two games, with 5 ½ rink wins, 97 Agg, and won 52 ends. 

Ingham was the runner-up with 4 ½ rink wins, 95 Agg, and 53 ends. 

Noorla had 2 rink wins,  57 Agg. and 30 ends.  

The Ingham Players were  Lynette Melvin, K. Rotondo,  E. Piotto, Norma Evans, Jan Casanovas, Jan Craven, Patti Miguel, and Grace Cockrell. 

Social Play    

M. Moore, S. Ryan (20) -v- M. Spano, L. Di Bella (16). 

A. Barron, C. Wickens, J. Fenoglio (16) -v- M. Cole, R. Doherty, B. Eddleston (16)

Next Wednesday

The competition will be Consistency:  

J. Casanovas -v- M. Spano  

G. Cockrell -v- J. Fenoglio  

Markers:  J. Craven and N. Evans. 

Social play and the competition start at 1.30pm. 

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