Ingham Golf 

The next Friday social will be held on August 6, 2021. There will be a putting competition Jackpot and nice nibble will be on offer.

The A-grade Pennant has been postponed due to COVID.

The Ingham Veterans’ Open commences on Monday, July 19, with a  4BBB Stableford 18-hole Medley. 

On Tuesday, July 20,  the Men’s and Ladies’ 18-hole Single Stroke (Round 1 of a 36-hole Championship) will be played.

The competition will end on Wednesday, July 21, with the Men’s and Ladies’ 18-hole Single Stroke (Round 2 of a 36-hole Championship). 

Stableford events will be held on each of the days in conjunction. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the website: www.inghamgolfclub.com.

The Mystic Sands’ Veterans’ Open is being held on Tuesday, August 17.

The Ingham Men’s Open date has been confirmed, and it will be held on Saturday, September 25.


Eleven happy Ladies contested the monthly Brooch qualifier. The winner, with a nett of 74, was Deb Giles and the runner-up was Sue Cameron, with nett 79. Thanks to the sponsor, Hinchinbrook Hotel. Pin shots were won by Bruna Quadrio, Cheryl Lloyd, and Julie Reed. The Ladies’ Wednesday competitions go begging this week, and next, because of the Tropical Coast Veterans Championships.

Saturday’s Stableford fielded 36 players, which is a great field. Lachlan Tennent emerged the winner, with 39 stableford points. The runner-up was Steve Hart, with 35 points, and run-down prizes went to Adrian Chinotti and Fred Smith, also on 35, and Todd Cockburn, Carmelo DiBella, and Steve Marbelli, all on 34 points.

Twenty-seven players turned out for Sunday’s Stroke event. The winner was Damon Cockburn, with nett 71. Carlos Gonzalez followed him, with 74 nett. Run-down prizes were won by Mark Gusmeroli and Ezio Bresciannini, both also with 74 nett. Alan Cazzulino took the pin shot.

This weekend’s games include the Monthly Medal on Saturday and, on Sunday, a Single -v- Par event.

To finish, a couple of rather lame jokes:

“I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised!”

“I invented a new word………plagiarism!”

Happy golfing and giggling!

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