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The winning team of the John Glenwright Memorial Trophy (left to right) John Holmes, Maria Spano, and Ren Cantatore.

October 28 – Barefoot Bowls

John McCarthy, Diane Tomba, Danny Chappell, and John Lone lost to Jan McCarthy, Chris Johnson, Rodney Fascetti, and Bob Bell, 8 – 13.


Sam Puglisi, Ricky John, Robyn Fascetti, and Trevor Pallanza defeated Louie Tomba, Anita Norton, Jan Johnson, and Maria Moore, 11 – 5.


Dion Hayes, Donna Gosney, Denise Martin, and John Piotto defeated Natalie Ward, Pam Johnson, Audrey Scott, and Luisa Di Bella, 14 – 7.


Marion Martin, Tom Newsam, Roger Celotto, and Alf Di Bella defeated Steven Martin, Trisha Camazuli, Ann Barron, and Stan Cotton, 13 – 8. 


October 29 – Men’s Pairs

Terry George and Stan Richards were the winners of the men’s pairs played on October 29, defeating Jeff Crossman and Andrew Cole, 21 – 9.


John Holmes, Allen Torielli, and Ren Cantatore defeated Bob Bell, Mario Marbelli, and Rico Basaglia, 23 – 15.


John Eddleston and Stan Cotton defeated Gary Brierley and Ian Muldowney, 20 – 16.


Pat Ryan and Peter Herman defeated Kevin Walker and Tony Koop, 21 – 15.


October 31 – John Glenwright Memorial Triples Trophy

On Sunday, October 31, bowlers competed in the John Glenwright Memorial Triples Trophy, with thirty players taking to the green to play two games of 12 ends.


Congratulations to the winning team of Maria Spano, John Holmes, and Ren Cantatore winners of the Glenwright Trophy for 2021.



  1. Spano, J. Holmes, R. Cantatore, 2 wins +4.
  2. Bube, J. Di Bella, C. Johnson, 1 win +10.
  3. Celotto, J. Fenoglio, A Di Bella, 1 win -8.
  4. Bell, L. Mahon E. Piotto, 1 win +4.
  5. Moore, J. Craven, T. Koop, 2 losses -7.
  6. Eddleston, P. Ryan, G. Torrisi 1 draw, 1 win +1.
  7. Piotto, L. Di Bella, J. Piotto, 1 win +2.
  8. Di Bella, A. Torielli, A. Cole, 1 win -1.
  9. Brierley, G. Cockrell, R. Basaglia, 2 losses -11.
  10. Barron, J. Eddleston, S. Richards, 1 draw 1 win +6.

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