Ingham Bowls Club News


The winners of the Friday Men’s Pairs held on October 01 were John Holmes and Stan Richards, who defeated John Hamlyn and Terry George, 29 – 13.

Phil Wright and Peter Herman defeated John Eddleston and Ren Cantatore, 25 – 12.

Len Mahon and Kevin Walker defeated Kevin Lawlor and Tony Koop, 26 – 16.

Jeff Crossman and Phil Kite defeated Pat Ryan and Brad Wilson, 24 – 15.

Brian Joyce and Stan Cotton defeated Bob Bell and Ian Muldowney, 17 – 13.


The winning team of the Mixed Social Bowls played on October 3 was comprised of Roger Celotto, Maria Moore, Len Mahon, and Stan Richards, who defeated the team of Joan Gulac, Bob Bell, Dave Horsley, and Ren Cantatore, 32 – 16 (21 points to 8).

John Hamlyn, John Eddleston, and Peter Herman lost to Norma Evans, Tom Lawlor, and Cliff Johnson, 19 – 28 (10 points to 19).

Kevin Lawlor, Kevin Walker, and Tony Koop defeated Michael Bube, Lou Gulac, and Rico Basaglia, 33 – 12 (20 points to 8).


The Club and Bar are open on Tuesday’s from 4 pm – 6 pm.


Thursday Barefoot Bowls will be on again on October 7 from 6pm to 8pm.

Please call 47762117 before 5.30pm to have your name put on the board. Everyone is welcome to come and try the game of bowls. NO bowls! NO worry! The club has plenty for you to use.


The Men’s Friday Pairs will be played on October 8 at 2.15pm. Please call 47762117 before 1.45pm to have your name put on the list.


Mixed Social Bowls will be played on October 10 at 1.30.pm. Please telephone 47762117 before 12.30pm to have your name put on the board. All Bowlers are welcomed.


Sunday Bar Roster: A. Torielli.

Social Selectors: C. Johnson and N. Wickens.

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