Ingham Bowls


Men’s NQ Pairs were played over the weekend of July 3 – 4. Congratulations to the winners, Shaun Anderson and Mark Hawkins, and well done to Nathaniel Cuznor and Brad Wilson, who were the runners-up.

In the Thursday Barefoot Bowls Luisa Di Bella, Max Thompson, and Stan Cotton, defeated John Lone, John Piotto, and Alf Di Bella, 14 – 12.

On Friday afternoon, Men’s Pairs’ winners were Russell Peterson and Stan Richards who defeated John Eddleston and John Hamlyn, 26 – 15.  Sam Bonacci, Terry George, and Ren Cantatore defeated John Holmes, Stan Cotton, and Jim Dunn, 21 – 14.  Kevin Walker and Peter Herman defeated Allen Torielli and Tony Koop, 19 – 12.

The Sunday afternoon social mixed bowls winning Team was John Eddleston, Len Mahon, and Allen Torielli who defeated Sam Bonacci, Alf Di Bella, and Ren Cantatore, 20 1/2 – 15 1/2 (13 1/2 points to 8 1/2).

Max Thompson, Grace Cockrell, and Peter Herman drew with John Holmes, Luisa Di Bella, and John Piotto, 20 – 20 (15 points to 12).

Malynda Cole, Terry George, and Elsa Piotto defeated Roger Celotto, Janese Craven, and John Hamlyn, 22 – 14 (18 points to 9).

Bev Eddleston, Dave Horsley, and Stan Richards defeated Maria Moore, Kevin Walker, and Tony Koop, 18 – 16 (18 points to 9)

The Bar is open on Tuesdays from 4pm – 6pm.

Thursday Night Barefoot Bowls are held from 6pm – 8pm. Please telephone 47762117 before 5.30pm to have your name put on the board.

Friday Afternoon Men’s Pairs commence at 2.15pm.  Please have your names into the Club before 1.45pm.

The Irene Paris Trophy is being played on the Noorla green on July 10 – 11.  Saturday’s start time is 12.30pm and Sunday’s start time is 8.30am.

Mixed Social bowls will be played Sunday, July 11 at 1.30pm. Please telephone 47762117 before 12.30pm to nominate. Visitors are welcome.

Sunday Bar Roster, M. Bube.

Social Selectors, T. Koop.

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