Ingham Anglicans’ fight against the loneliness epidemic


Loneliness is one of the biggest problems of our age, even in small rural communities where people know one another.  To combat this, the local Hinchinbrook Anglicans are providing more opportunities for people to gather in safe and welcoming groups. 

Anglicans have been a part of the Hinchinbrook community for over a century.  Mother Rosemary advised that they aim to be a centre of community and care in the region. “We are fortunate to have Conroy Hall in Ingham, which is a venue not only for the monthly markets, but also for different groups to gather.”

Traditionally, Mothers’ Union has gathered women to share fellowship and do practical things to support others, like collecting toiletries for those in need.  They have now added Café Connect to their activities.

Café Connect hosts those with dementia and their carers.  Mother Rosemary stated, “It is a chance for the full-time carers of others to also be cared for.  We provide a lovely morning tea, singing, laughter, and a listening ear”.  It meets on the first Thursday of the month.

The loneliness epidemic especially affects men, and one of the new Anglican initiatives is a men’s morning tea on Tuesday mornings.  “This is a chance for blokes to get together for a yarn over a cuppa. Men need men’s company and not everyone wants to go to the pub!”

In a rushed world, a leisurely brunch at the Conroy markets is a popular activity. “People come, not just to browse the stalls, but to meet others at the café there.  As a Church, we want to provide opportunities for companionship wherever we can – the hot breakfast and the cakes are also rather good!”

The Anglicans are a part of the community and we want to help build and strengthen that community,” said Mother Rosemary.  For more information on the activities, please telephone 4776 2014.

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