Hosts, Forest Beach Surf Club

The North Barrier Branch March Past Team lead the clubs in the March Past and colour party on Day 2 of competition. The team took home the bronze from the State Championships at the start of the year.

Forrest Beach Surf Club was host to the third North Barrier Branch carnival of the season, as clubs from as far south as Sarina made the trip north for the annual event over the weekend. 

Branch clubs Sarina, Eimeo, Mackay, Ayr, Townsville’s Picnic Bay, Arcadian, and Forrest Beach battled it out for top spot over the two-day carnival, which showcased lifesaving skills and athleticism in a range of beach and water events. 

Competitors, from ages under-eight nippers to masters, competed in the swim, board race, ski race, rescue tube race, board rescue, iron person events, beach flags, and sprints, as well as the popular team events in the beach relay, wade relay, swim teams, and the Cameron relay.


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