Have you become more forgetful?


Do you forget people’s names, or not remember where you put your keys? As we age, forgetfulness can be concerning. We may ask ourselves “is this is the beginning of dementia?”.  


You can be rest assured that only 1% of females and 0.8% of males develop dementia in their lifetime (ABS 2018)! 


You may have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed. Signs of dementia may include impaired memory, repeating of words or activities, struggling to do familiar tasks, noticeable changes in mood or personality, social isolation, confusion about time and place, having no initiative, and poor judgment. This is a lot to process for everyone, but there is something you can do. 


Whilst there is some fear around visiting someone with dementia in a nursing home, it will be well appreciated by the residents. You may wonder if they will remember who you are or about what you should talk. In the first instance, check with the family or the Home on 4068 2355. You will need to be well and show your flu vaccine certificate to visit (preferably between 8am and 4pm on weekdays). 


As someone who visits residents regularly, I can assure you that they enjoy visitors! They may not remember you, but that is okay. Talk about things from their long-held memories. They can feel the warmth of your attention and presence, and that lingers after you have left! 


“A little support makes a big difference” – Dementia Action Week

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