Gone Fishing Report


EVEN though weather conditions were not ideal, we have finally had a weekend when the weather has allowed boats to travel out to the main reefs. The reports, which have been coming in, have been great, with good numbers of Coral Trout, Stripeys, and assorted reef fish being caught.


The deep-water shoals, rubble patches, and wrecks also fished well for both large and small mouth Nannygai. There were also some thumper G.T’s and Cobia caught.


The various shipping channel shoals have also been fishing well for Spanish Mackerel, with a few Spotties and Schoolies thrown in as well.


The local islands were a little quiet, probably from a lack of run in the tide, however there were some very nice Spanish Mackerel caught, mostly on Saturday. I found Sunday fairly quiet and only managed one solid hook up, a very good Spaniard around the 20 kg. mark. Unfortunately, two huge Bull sharks took him beside the boat as I was attempting to gaff the fish. That was a bit of a scare, and they left a few scratches on the outboard leg. lucky I did not fall in!


From all reports, the Fingermark have been schooling up, with some great fish being caught around the coastal islands, coastal reefs, and Hinchinbrook area.


Those that prefer the spear gun have been spearing good numbers of Cray Fish, both from the coastal reefs and out on the main wider reefs.


There were also a few Island Trout, Gold Spot Cod and good numbers of Grass Sweet Lip caught.


Despite the neap tides, there were plenty of Barra and Mangrove Jacks caught in the creeks. As expected, the Grunter were quiet as a result of the very small run in the tides. The bream are loaded up on many of the snags in the estuaries. These fish are a great species to target with the kids as they are not too hard to catch. With a light line and quality prawns or freshly pumped yabbies, you are ready to go.


The fresh water reaches of the coastal rivers, especially the Tully, have really been firing, with plenty of Sooty Grunter and Jungle Perch being caught. The March flies have been bad, so wear light coloured clothing and bring the repellent.


Well, we finally have a three-day weekend coming up with a great weather forecast. Unfortunately, the Coral Reef Finfish Closure starts at midnight on Saturday night, however that will still allow anglers a chance to get out on Saturday. You are also still allowed to target pelagic, such as Mackerel, Queen Fish, and Trevally, and other non-reef species, such as Grunter, Fingermark, Barra, and Jacks.


The various weather sites are all forecasting light winds with a north easterly in the afternoon. As mentioned, earlier Saturday looks like it would be a great day for a reef trip.


Either side of the early morning or evening tide are ideal to target Grunter, both in the estuaries or along the edge of the Hinchinbrook flats.

If you are keen to chase Barra or Jacks, try both sides of the midday low. This midday low would also suit pumping a few yabbies and fishing the incoming tide for bread-and-butter species such as Flathead, Bream, and Whiting.


Good Fishing!


Roly Newton

Tackle World Tully


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