Despite the sea conditions being less than perfect, there have been reports of boats managing to travel out to the main reefs fishing. A good number of boats reported reasonable catches of fish, although most did mention the fishing was tough, especially over the weekend. I managed some nice Large Mouth Nannygai and a mixed bag of reef fish to bring home, not fantastic fishing but enough to make the trip worthwhile. We struggled to catch Coral Trout , however the Stripies were in plague numbers. The larger versions of this species are spectacular eating, on par with their close cousin the Mangrove Jack.

There were also reports of some very good catches of both Large Mouth Nannygai and Red Emperor from the deeper water on the outside of the reefs.

The pressure points and deep water drop offs have been fishing very well for Spanish Mackerel, mostly fish in the 8 to 10 kilo range. Most of these fish have been caught by floating live and dead baits, however there was a pro boat working close to me and he was doing very well trolling gar.

Good numbers of Spanish Mackerel are being caught close in around the islands, mostly by trolling Wolf Herring or floating live baits. There have also been reports of some excellent Fingermark being caught in the Hinchinbrook area.

Most boats in the estuaries found the fishing extremely tough on Friday and Saturday due to the very small tidal flow. I fished a fly-fishing competition in the Hinchinbrook Channel and all the boats struggled to catch Barra and Mangrove Jacks. I was fishing with mate, Ian Kukors, who won the Barra section with two fish.

To my amazement my manager had a great day catching excellent numbers of Mangrove Jacks and a couple of Barra in the Channel on Sunday. Just to rub salt into the wound, Daniel Colombini, who also works in my shop, had a great session on Jacks and Barra in an undisclosed coastal creek. Daniel mentioned they only bit for a period on the first of the incoming tide.

For those interested, Sunday was the first day of the making tides, which obviously made the world of a difference.

I have heard no reports from the freshwater reaches of the Tully or any of the other rivers. However, I am sure with the sudden run of warmer conditions, the fresh water will start to fire.

Ando from Ando`s Plumbing had a great trip to Tinaroo early last week, managing five Barra over two sessions, with two of the Barra going over the magic Metre mark. Ando is a regular and has his dam fishing worked out, well done Ando! Tinaroo is the best location in Queensland to land a metre plus Barra, but do not forget the impoundment permit.

Unfortunately, the various weather sites are predicting strong winds for this coming weekend. This will restrict anglers to fishing the coastal creeks or the sheltered waters of the Hinchinbrook area.

Either side of the early morning tide will suit those wishing to fish the Hinchinbrook flats for Barra. This same tide will also be ideal for those wishing to chase Grunter in the coastal creeks or on the Hinchinbrook flats. Either side of the afternoon low tide will be perfect for those wishing to chase Mangrove Jacks in the creeks. Once the water gets up and over the sand bars, the size of the run during the incoming tide will make lure fishing almost impossible.

The afternoon low tide will cause problems at some creek mouths and result in access problems into Port Hinchinbrook. Boats will have to plan their trip accordingly.

Good Fishing

Roly Newton

Tackle World Tully.

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