Frog Motel introduced to Abergowrie State School

Abergowrie State School students with the finished Frog Motel

Abergowrie State School’s Year 5 and 6 students recently unveiled an exciting new project that they have been working on, called the ‘Frog Motel.’

This concept came to fruition at the recent leadership camp at Paluma where attendees found that there were many frogs living in the toilets.  As this was both inconvenient for toilet users and unsafe for the frogs, the leadership team came up with the idea that they could make a frog motel to keep them out of the toilets and out of harm’s way.

Once they returned back to school, the students’ task for the subject ‘Design Technology’ was to design and make a product that supports wildlife to coexist with humans at Abergowrie State School.

During lessons, students spent time researching different designs on the internet, as well as investigating and exploring instructions and materials that could be used to create the ‘Frog Motel’.  Students were each able to design their own model and include whatever materials they wished to use.  The designs were detailed and well thought out and included measurements and drawings. Teachers, Mrs Martin and Ms Schafer, selected the best design out of the classes to then be pursued and created into a fully-functioning ‘Frog Motel’.

Abergowrie State School’s Teaching Principal, Laura-Beth Martin, said “It was a great exercise, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the project.”

“The Year 6’s were lucky enough to have a shopping trip to Mitre 10 with Ms Schafer to purchase the materials needed and the bamboo was given to us by Mr Brown.”

“After a lot of hard work and taking turns in moving the pot, we eventually got it to this position.  First, we tipped a bag of pebbles into the pot and then placed the bamboo uprights in and tipped in more pebbles to keep the bamboo secure.”

“We then placed a plant and solar lights in the pebbles to attract insects and filled the bamboo with water.  And voila, our frog motel was finished!”

The project was a huge success, and the students and teachers now await the arrival of their four-legged green friends!

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