Four new Police Officers hit the beat in Innisfail

First Year Constables, Eliza Dodd, Charlotte Pearce, Freddy Hartigan, and Jacob Howard are the new fresh faces at Innisfail Police station who recently commenced general duties.

FRESH from the North Queensland Police Academy in Townsville, four first-year constables were recently posted to Innisfail Police Station, with two locals starting general duties.

Eliza Dodd, Charlotte Pearce, Freddy Hartigan, and Jacob Howard, are the new faces who were part of a group of 64 recruits from the Townsville Academy, aged between 19 and 38, from a broad range of professional and multicultural backgrounds, who have taken up placements at stations in the Far North Police District.

During their six months of intense training at QPS Academy in Townsville and Brisbane, recruits covered driver training, firearms, physical capabilities, arrests, drink driving, tasers, traffic crashes, computer skills, resilience day, as well as legislation, law, and paperwork.

The first-year Constables have been placed with experienced Field Training Officers, Constable Lloyd Badger, Erin McCullum, and Jasdeep Atwal, and Senior Constables, Michael Blair, Stephanie Lavery, who will mentor them in community policing. 

This will involve day and night shifts, rotations, and spending time working in specialist sections, such as the Child Protection Investigation Unit, the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), and scenes of crime and prosecutions.

Constable Dodd, who hails from Victoria, joined the Army straight after finishing school, and was posted to Townsville where she worked as a Cook for five years before being accepted into the Queensland Police Service.

Her brother and sister are both in the Police Service in Australia, as well as number of relatives.

Constable Pearce, who is originally from Brisbane, completed university studies in Psychology and Justice. She was also a learn to swim Instructor for five years and worked as a Child Safety Officer for a few months before entering the Queensland Police Service.

“My cousin is with the New Zealand Police, and from an early age I always wanted to join the Police Service,” said Constable Pearce.

Jacob Howard, who is originally from Albury-Wodonga, and then Canberra, worked in the tourism industry in Australia, New Zealand, Canada running paintball centres and as a tour guide before entering the Police Service.

His father was a Police Officer, so he grew up in the policing culture, which played a part in his decision to join the Police Service.

Hartigan, who is from Wellington, New Zealand, has lived in Australia for two years, and he worked in Brisbane in security before joining the Police Service. 

For those considering going into the Police Service, the four new Constables advised, ‘give it a go, be patient.”

They believe that common sense, diligence, integrity, compassion, empathy, resilience, as well as excellent communication and social skills, are important qualities to be a good Police Officer.

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