Feds cry foul on China hacking, while our defence data remains in the hands of a Chinese company


AUSTRALIA and its allies have accused China of a cyber hacking spree, in what U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said posed “a major threat to economic and national security”.[1]

Kennedy MP, Bob Katter, said it was mystifying for Australia’s Government to come out and join the chorus of condemnation when the nation’s sensitive defence data was still in the hands of Chinese-owned company, Global Switch.

“If we can’t trust China to not hack us, why would we leave them in charge of our defence data?” Mr Katter


“I feel like I’m living in a lunatic asylum with the decisions coming out of Canberra.

“The very same Government that has left a Chinese owned company, Global Switch, in control of our sensitive defence force data (and even extended its contract[2]), is crying foul that China is using cyber hacking?”

On the 2nd of June this year, The Liberal, Labor and National parties all voted against a resolution in the House of Representatives – by Clark MP, Andrew Wilkie, and Mr Katter – that called on the Government to get the sensitive defence data out of Global Switch as quickly as possible.[3]

Mr Katter and Mr Wilkie have also introduced a Bill into the parliament that would see all defence data removed from Global Switch severs by Anzac Day next year.[4]

“I love the appointment of Peter Dutton and Andrew Hastie to the Defence portfolio, but change will not

happen on words alone – we need action,” Mr Katter said.

“25 million Australians out there agree with me and Andrew Wilkie, that our defence data should be stored

in an Australian-owned and operated data centre.”

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