We had a serious amount of activity on our course last week, culminating with our extremely successful Open Championship weekend. 

Tuesday’s Stableford competition was sponsored by Fran Lomas. The winner was Paul Marland on a triple countback to Hipas Donald, both on 37. 

Fran then sponsored every hole for the NTP’s. 

The results were: #1/10 All-In – Jeff Peel; #2/11 Men’s – Paul Marland; #3/12 All-In Paul Taylor; #4/13 All-In Graham Roberts; #5/14 Ladies’ – Julie Taylor; #6/15 Ladies’ – Lisa Godfrey; #7/16 All-In Betty Dahm. #9/18 is the Approach Shot sponsored each week by Wayne Bolton, which was won by Graham Roberts, who holed the shot! 

Thursday’s Sporters drew our largest field this season, playing the 1st 9 Stableford, with the following winners: 

1st: Liz Marland [26]. 

2nd: Greg Cottrell [22].

3rd: Tony Calcutt on a countback with 20.

Gavin Camilleri took the least putts with 13, on a countback.

NTP’s: #1 – Jamie Smith; #2 Brian Golding; #3 Jake Perkins; #4 Tony Calcutt; #7 Paul Marland.

All winners thank Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park for their sponsorship. 

The results of our Open Championship weekend are as follows:

Ladies’ Saturday 24th Nett

1st: Hipas Donald on a countback to Jan Boulton both on [63] 

3rd: Caryl Lavell [70].

NTP’s Saturday: #2/11 Jan Boulton; #4/13 Kass Marshall; #5/14 Caryl Lavell; #6/15 Emma Perkins.

Ladies’ Sunday 25th Nett

1st: Jo Bishop [63]

2nd: Caryl Lavell [65] 

3rd: Deb Giles [66] 

NTP’s Sunday: #2/11 Emma Perkins; #4/13 Julie Reed; #5/14 Deb Giles; #6/15 Tracey Dickinson.

Longest drive on both days was #8/17 Christine Barkle.

Ladies’ 36-Hole Gross Division 1

1st: Christine Barkle [160] 

2nd: Emma Perkins [165] 

3rd: Samantha Duck [170] 

36-Hole Nett Division 1

1st: Caryl Lavell [135] 

2nd: Kass Marshall [144]

3rd: Deb Giles [146] 

Ladies’ 36-Hole Gross Division 2

1st: Jan Boulton [169]

2nd: Vicki Hendrie [177]

3rd: Fran Lomas [201] 

36-Hole Nett Division 2

1st: Hipas Donald [130]

2nd: Lisa Spiegler [143]

3rd: Jo Bishop [144] 

Men’s Results – Saturday 24th Nett

1st: Ralph Kay [59]

2nd: Jamie Smith [64]

3rd: Paul Topper [64] 

NTP’s Saturday: #2/11 Rob Radcliff; #4/13 Chris Bolton; #5/14 Paul Marland; #6/15 Ralph Kay.

Longest Drive #8/17 was John Cornish.

Sunday 25th Nett

1st: Shane Roughsedge [61] 

2nd: Ralph Kay [62]

3rd: John Cornish [63] 

NTP’s Sunday: #2/11 Kev Dalton; #4/13 Harry Spiegler; #5/14 Shane Roughsedge; #6/15 Paul Marland.

Longest Driver #8/17 was Rhys Camilleri.

Men’s 36-Hole Gross A-Grade

1st: Tom Whittle [133]

2nd: Jake Perkins [135]

3rd: Shane Roughsedge [139]

Men’s 36-Hole Nett A-Grade

1st: Troy Kopp [130]

2nd: John Cornish [132]

3rd: Kygel Spencer [135] 

Men’s 36-Hole Gross B-Grade

1st: Graham Hendrie [146]

2nd: Gavin Camilleri [150]

3rd: Gary Thompson [160] 

Men’s 36-Hole Nett B-Grade

1st: Paul Marland [129]

2nd: Michael Morgan [141]

3rd: Lance Massina [144] 

Men’s 36-Hole Gross C-Grade

1st: Ralph Kay [155] 

2nd: Kenneth Thompson [160]

3rd: Lindsay Perkins [163] 

Men’s 36-Hole Nett C-Grade

1st: Jamie Smith [133]

2nd: Dave Wylie [134] 

3rd: Robert Ratcliff [138] 

The Club and all our winners thank Craig and Ellen-May Teitzel of Teitzel’s Supa IGA in Tully for their outstanding support with the ongoing sponsorship they give to us. 

Thank you also to all the players who travelled to support us for our Open Championship.

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