Dunk Island Sale: Is it more than meets the eye?


Upsense Media Capital have engaged in the purchase of Dunk Island from the Bond family, as Mayfair 101 have been unable to meet their commitment. 

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Mayor, Mark Nolan, said whilst he understood that at this time the sale was not yet settled, he was gladdened conversations had already commenced between the prospective purchaser and Council. 

“I anticipate we will build a productive partnership with the purchaser and have commenced conversations around long-term plans and the regional benefits that activating Dunk Island would provide.

“A prosperous Dunk Island would be another jewel in the crown of what the Cassowary Coast has to offer. It would also provide job opportunities for locals, which is always a win in my book.”

Mayor Nolan said the purchaser had stated their intention to work with the local community in the future vision for the island.

“An activated Dunk Island would complement the Council’s Master Plan for Mission Beach.”

Upsense’s representative, General Managing Partner, Mark Spillane, who is known for working with Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Jimmy Barnes, has advised that it is too early to talk about the direction they will take with the island. Upsense is still making the decision of whether it will rebuild the resort or will go in another direction. 

It has been a tumultuous time for the Mission Beach community regarding Dunk Island, as since Cyclone Yasi in 2011, the island has not been the same.

There was significant disappointment in 2020 for the Mission Beach community when all the real-estate purchases made by Mayfair 101, as part of their ‘Project Paradise’ plans to transform Mission Beach and Dunk Island into “the tourism mecca of Australia”, were unable to be settled. 

Mayfair 101 still have a stake in the direction that Upsense take Dunk Island.

“So we have plans still to, where possible, reclaim a number of the properties that we had settled up there, and there are still a number of properties that we still have under contract,” said Mayfair 101 Director, James Mawhinney, to ABC reporters, Jemima Burt and Kier Shorey.

“We are very cognisant of the Court Orders.”

For the greater community and water services not being able to utilise Dunk Island to its full capacity since Cyclone Yasi has been a significant disappointment.

In 2019, the Council developed the Mission Beach Master Plan, in conjunction with the Mission Beach community and Village Green businesses. A funding submission for a Building Better Regions Grant has been submitted and the Council is currently awaiting the outcome of this application.

As part of the FY21/22 Council Budget, Council has allocated $2.52 million towards the Mission Beach CBD upgrade. This project will commence subject to outcomes from external funding applications.

The Council has also allocated $450K towards the Mission Beach CBD carpark construction works in its latest Budget announcement.

Further information regarding the Mission Beach Masterplan can be found by visiting http://www.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au/master-plans-and-strategies1.



Mission Beach Strategic Master Plan

The Mission Beach Strategic Master Plan is a 10-year vision that establishes the priorities and focused direction for projects within the Mission Beach town centre. This document will provide the overarching redevelopment vision and strategic direction for the revitalisation of the Mission Beach town centre. The plan contains strategic, long-term directions for economic, community and cultural development, including some quick to implement ideas, housekeeping to revive tired structures and areas, as well as a prioritised list of significant projects which will deliver for the local community and stakeholders. A key principle of the master plan is to reflect the values of the adjacent Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage areas as these natural wonders are at the core of what makes Mission Beach so special.

What follows is a vision for a liveable, dynamic, and vibrant town with a unique, laid-back atmosphere that connects the World Heritage rainforest through the Village Green onto kilometres of golden, sandy beaches with views to Dunk Island and beyond. Respecting and showcasing the natural environment, laid-back atmosphere and beauty of Mission Beach is integral to this vision. All projects listed within the implementation plan are subject to detailed design considerations, works and maintenance programs, and final costings will be determined at this stage.

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