Drivers outraged over El Arish roadworks


Motorists are frustrated after having to deal with the roadworks on the El Arish Range at Smith’s Gap for almost 12 months and are now getting angry with the hold up. 

State Member for Hill, Shane Knuth, said it was becoming a joke and that residents needed answers as to what is taking so long. 

Mr Knuth said he had constantly been on the back of Transport and Main Roads and then, out of frustration, put a question on notice to the Minister for answers as to the delays last week, and has now been informed that works have recommenced, and that the south bound lane is expected to be reopened by June 29, weather permitting. 

“These roadworks at Smiths Gap have been underway for an extraordinarily long period and many times works have come to a complete stop, sometimes for weeks, causing confusion, red light delays, anger, frustration, and dangerous conditions for road users,” Mr Knuth said. 

Mr Knuth called on the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey, to take action and is pleased that works have recommenced, but he still wants answers. 

“Now is the time for works to be completed before someone is seriously hurt,” he said.  

“If this was in the southeast corner you can bet that this would not be an issue.” 

Mr Knuth said it had already been reported that there had been accidents at the road works and many people were angry with delays. 

“My office has been contacted by a lot of frustrated people, who have at times not seen workers on the ground doing work, even in fine weather, for at least a couple of weeks at a time,” he said. 

“If construction started in July 2020, how are the works not already completed?” 

The $13.8 million Smith’s Gap project is fully funded by the Australian Government’s Bruce Highway Overtaking Lane Program which includes a new overtaking lane and a new fauna crossing for cassowaries. 

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