Do you have a thrifty and affordable recipe idea?


Each year, the Tully Support Centre (TSC) gathers recipes from staff, volunteers, and community members, to be included in the recipe database. From this database, the TSC chooses 40 or so recipes to be included in the annual Thrifty and Affordable recipe book, which is distributed to TSC clients accessing Emergency Relief financial assistance and interested community members.

The home-cooked meal

A home-cooked meal is becoming increasingly rare. The family ritual that our parents and grandparents enjoyed, of creating a meal to be shared with friends and family, is at risk of being lost to time. Interestingly, it is time that seems to be the biggest factor in the move away from the family, prepared and eaten, meal. 

I learnt to cook in my parents’ kitchen; both mum and dad were good cooks. I can also remember reading my grandmother’s cookbooks and the tactile sensation of turning the pages, reading the recipes, and seeing the black and white image of the finished dishes. 

Not only is the family meal a wonderful way to pass on cooking skills to our children, but it is also an excellent way to spend time with our kids and talk with them. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone, rather than face-to-face, is a non-confrontational way to talk, and you are more likely to get a positive response. 

Eating out or an ‘easy meal’ is great every now and then, and gives everyone, including the cook, a night off, but eating out can be expensive. It is with this in mind that the TSC has gathered a large collection of thrifty and affordable recipe ideas over the years.

If you have a recipe for a healthy, affordable meal that you would be willing to share, please email the TSC at maxine@tullysupportcentre.com.au, or mail it to PO Box 212, Tully, or drop it in to the centre at 54 Bryant Street, Tully.

The Tully Support Centre is funded by the Queensland Government and services communities throughout the Cassowary Coast. 

The Tully Support Centre is located at 54 Bryant Street in Tully, and its opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm, and on Wednesday from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.

To register your interest or for more information about groups and other services, please call 40 681 004, or check the Tully Support Centre online at www.tullysupportcentre.com.au, or follow us on Facebook “Tully Support Centre Inc.”.

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