Dispelling myths and the true importance of community


When we do not work in a profession, we often have an unrealistic understanding of how things operate in that industry.

I regularly hear that the $1.50 charged for the price of this newspaper covers all the costs. I am sorry but this is not true. It barely covers the cost to print the newspaper. 

If this was, indeed, the case, then the Innisfail Advocate and the Herbert River express would not have closed. Newscorp own their printing presses, but they still are unable to meet the costs of printing. When I recently looked at the Cairns Post online, it continued for sixty pages. I was told that the printed version for that week was around forty pages. 

Rumour has it that we are but a short time away from printing presses being closed entirely and everything will then be online.

I am, therefore, grateful to the businesspeople in our area who understand the costs of running a business and recognise that it is important to pay for the service being provided.

It you wish to ensure that local news is still available in print, then it is important that you pay for advertising and do not expect a ‘free’ service. Everyone knows that nothing is free. 

Facebook is also not free. Having a person manage social media comes at the cost of their time to do so. At present, volunteers are choosing to give their services without putting a dollar value on their time. This is an act of kindness, and it should not be considered that the page comes free of cost. It may not be costing you personally, but it is costing someone. 

The main question you should be asking yourself, is if you want to support your local business and community? Do you want to ensure that the voice of your area is represented? And do you believe that everyone deserves a fair wage for the work they do? 

As a Tully Rotarian, I love watching people fundraise to pay local people to work on projects for their own community. 

The money does not go out of the community to the ‘big’ players.

This is community doing the right thing by supporting their own members. 

Keep supporting local businesses and organisations!

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