Curtain falls on two sell-out Innisfail State College ‘High School Musical on Stage’ performances

Lead characters, Kelsi Nielson (Ashley Lynn), Troy Bolton (Brodie Watson), Ms Darbus (Brenda Moua), and Gabriella Montez (Adria Cunningham), in Innisfail State College’s hit production of High School Musical on Stage. Photo: Maria Girgenti

THE production of ‘High School Musical on Stage’, recently presented by Innisfail State College, has been hailed a huge success with two sell-out performances over two nights.

The show was based on a Disney channel original movie written by Peter Barsocchini and licenced exclusively to Music Theatre International (Australasia) with all performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard. 

Popular East High Student and Basketball team, Captain Troy Bolton (Brodie Watson), falls for academically gifted Gabriella Montez (Adria Cunningham), while at a New Year’s Eve party during the winter vacation.

When they return to campus, Troy discovers Gabriella has enrolled as a new student at East High. They quickly become good friends and audition for the upcoming high school musical. 

Troy’s involvement in the musical takes him away from basketball practice, which causes a stand-off between his father, Coach Bolton (Gabrielle Turco), and Ms Darbus (Brenda Moua). 

Troy and Gabriella receive call backs by Ms Darbus, however the jealous drama queen, Sharpay Evans (Adelle Page), and her twin brother, Ryan Evans (Layne Edgerton), conspire to quash their chances by manipulating the call backs, so they clash with the championship game.

Troy’s friend, Chad Danforth (Tess), becomes worried Troy will become distracted from the basketball championship, whilst Gabriella’s new friend, Taylor McKessie (Kaitlin-Rose Marks,) will do anything to get her on the science decathlon team.

Both are faced with the challenges of making it to auditions, while also meeting their existing obligations to the basketball team and decathlon.

A seven-piece band made up of Tamara Gillard, Anita Berry, Natasha De Faveri, Michelle De Faveri, Alex Langton, Ben McAnulty, and Yoel Jogiono belted out the catchy musical numbers. 

James Wedgwood, Ryan Charlwood, Spencer Sain, Lachlan Lyons, Kai Darveniza, and Hayley Cristaldi were praised for their efforts with sound, lighting and backstage.

Directors, Chantelle Boase and Kaitlin Wone, congratulated the fantastic and talented cast of students who made the words and lyrics come to life on stage during the production. 

‘High School Musical’ is a fun and upbeat musical that appeals to many people with its light-hearted comedy and recognisable characters. 

“The students quickly identified with the script and the dynamic roles which makes the job of directing much easier.”

Over the past few months, students have endured lunchtime, afternoon, and weekend rehearsals for the opportunity to showcase their talents and shine on stage. 

“They have really outdone themselves and we couldn’t be prouder of all their efforts in making this classic musical a particularly memorable one.”

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