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Permanent National Firearms Amnesty

Strangulation charge, Tully

A 20-year-old Tully man will face a number of domestic violence related charges following a disturbance at a Tully residence at around 10.30am on September 10.

It will be alleged the man strangled a 23-year-old woman known to him following a verbal argument.

The woman fled the residence and requested the assistance of a council worker who contacted police.

The woman was medically assessed for injuries to her neck.

It will be further alleged the man sent numerous threatening text messages to the woman following interaction with police.

Following investigations, the man was charged with unlawful choking in a domestic relationship, attempting to pervert the course of justice, and two counts each of breaching bail conditions and contravening a domestic violence order.

He is scheduled to appear in the Innisfail Magistrates Court today.

Man charged over beer theft, Innisfail

An 18-year-old Innisfail man has been charged following investigations into an alleged burglary and theft of alcohol from an Edith Street accommodation complex at around 4.40am yesterday (September 14).

It will be alleged the man used a ladder to scale the fence of the complex before wandering through a number of rooms within the complex. He then allegedly left with a stolen carton of beer.

Police were able to identify the suspect after reviewing CCTV footage at the location.

The 18-year-old was located a short time later and charged with two counts of burglary and possession of drug utensils. He is scheduled to appear in the Innisfail Magistrates Court on October 5.

Permanent National Firearms Amnesty

The Australian Government has partnered with Crime Stoppers Australia to launch a permanent firearms amnesty for all Australians for the surrender and registration of unregistered firearms starting from July 1, 2021.

Queenslanders who are in possession of an unregistered firearm or firearm-related item (including ammunition, firearm accessories, fittings or parts) are able to surrender these to a police station or licenced participating firearms dealer without prosecution or penalty.

In 2017, a national firearms amnesty was initially held over a period of three months, resulting in over 57,000 firearms being handed in Australia-wide. Providing a now permanent national firearms amnesty provides Australians the continued opportunity to surrender unregistered firearms and ensure the safety of our community.

It is an offence to possess an unregistered firearm in Australia. However, community members can hand in unregistered firearms and related items anonymously.

Persons found in possession of unregistered firearms that have not been surrendered can face penalties and prosecution.

Examples of unregistered firearms can include (but are not limited to):

  • Firearms inherited by family members or friends as part of deceased estates
  • Firearms in possession of those who do not have the appropriate licence type.

Members of the community that hold a current Weapons Act Licence for the relevant category can apply to register a firearm through participating shooting clubs, firearms dealers, armourer or local police station without prosecution.

For those that do not have access to a local police station, there are numerous firearms dealers in the Far North and Queensland participating in the amnesty. Click the link below to locate your nearest participating firearms dealer: https://www.police.qld.gov.au/weapon-licensing/firearms-amnesty-dealers-list

When surrendering an unregistered firearm its important to plan ahead:

  • Pre-arrange a drop off at your local police station or approved firearm dealer by calling ahead and making an appointment
  • It is illegal to carry firearms and weapons in a public place. Ensure that you notify police or approved dealers before entering the police station or weapons dealership
  • Keep the firearm out of sight and unloaded to ensure safety for all community members when surrendering unregistered firearms.

For more information about the permanent national firearms amnesty in Queensland and Australia wide please visit Crime Stoppers Australia or follow the link: https://crimestoppers.com.au/firearmamnesty/

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