Photo caption – Cr Jeff Baines and Cr Trudy Tschui proudly wearing their Reef Guardian Council logos.

A strong stance on coastal development, climate change, avoidance of single-use plastics, and partnerships for healthy rivers, creeks, and reef are among the actions endorsed by Cassowary Coast Regional Council in their adoption of the Reef Guardian Council Action Plan.

The Reef Guardian Council program is a collaborative stewardship arrangement between local government in the Great Barrier Reef catchment and the Reef Guardian Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). The basis of the program is to recognise the importance of local and regional approaches to protecting and managing the reef and the communities it supports.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Councillor and Environment portfolio holder, Jeff Baines said that by endorsing the Action Plan, Council reaffirms its commitment to reef protection by projecting a direct course of action for the coming years.

“The key threats to the reef, to which GBRMPA are responding through the plan, are climate change and its flow on affects, coastal development, and land based run off.

“This plan sets out the initiatives Council is working toward or currently undertaking, to lessen our environmental impact. Council has commenced installing solar power systems on major buildings, depots, and sewage treatment plants. We offer a $20 compost bin rebate program as well as conduct four Free Tree Giveaways each year for our residents.”

“It also considers the impacts of Council’s direct use of resources and how we can reduce waste through Council’s Recycling Program, Battery Recycling Program, and Bin Rationalisation Strategy, which reviews bin use across our region and how they could be more strategically placed and utilised.”

“The diversity and richness of natural assets in our region depends on our commitment to delivering these initiatives and the plan allows Council to align its work with the 19 other Councils in the reef catchment area.”

“Our goal is to ensure the best outcomes are delivered for reef ecosystems while also considering the other impacts of economic and social growth in the region,” said Councillor Baines.

For more information on Council’s involvement in the Reef Guardian Council Program or to read the full Action Plan, please visit: www.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au/our-environment/reef- guardian-program

For more information on Council’s Community Composting rebate program please visit: www.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au/community-composting-programTo contact Council please email enquiries@cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au or phone 1300 763 903

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