Community runs off the backs of volunteers


Having a strong group of people who are committed to volunteering in their community is important. I know I have said this many times already, but I want to ensure that every generation has the same understanding of the things that are most valuable when living in small communities. Being an active member of your community and contributing to community events is one of the most important things you can do.  

When attending the show in Ingham, it was so obvious that the parts of the show that mattered the most were the parts that showcase the skills of the local community.  Some examples of the best parts of a show are the birds’ section, the sugar cane section, the horse jumping, the wood cutting, and the dog show.  These sections run off the back of people who are willing to volunteer. 

The most amusing part of the show for me was an argument, maybe I started it, that the Tully Rotary makes better fish burgers than the Italian food stalls’ fish burgers at the Ingham show.  In my defence, I was supported by one of the show stall holders who travels everywhere the show goes and she said she looks forward to the Tully Show each year for the Tully Rotary fish burgers.

The irony is that when you live in a big city, community activities work in a similar way.  You will find that the same small group of people will administrate community events in big cities and, when you become part of a community in a big city, it tends to be because you live in close proximity within the city. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the community-minded people who are out making their community great.  Making their shows worth attending and making their town a place in which it is worth living.  It is you who make all the difference and for this I am ever grateful. 

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