The new Bulgun Reservoir.

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council was recognised as a state finalist at the Local Government Managers Australia Queensland Awards for Excellence, which identifies outstanding achievements in Queensland local government. 

Within the category of Innovation, the Cassowary Coast was nominated for the Water Quality Management Program, which adopted a new and different approach, leading to improved service delivery and performance.

Cassowary Coast Mayor, Mark Nolan, said boil water alerts had been a regular occurrence each wet season on the Cassowary Coast, causing frustration across the region. 

“As a Council, we recognised that the process needed to be improved and a custom, innovative solution developed to achieve this.” 

“To address this issue, team members at Council came together to rethink the region’s water supply and deliver a series of water infrastructure projects to provide improved security of water quality.” 

“The solution included the automation of valves controlling water flow based on real-time data analysis. The system actively adjusts flow valves within a scheme to stop dirty water from contaminating water in reservoirs when turbidity levels increase. 

“During the wet season of 2017/18, residents experienced 18 boil water alerts. In the 2020/21 wet season, after implementation of the project, boil water alerts were eliminated.” 

“The system has proven effective in managing water quality and supply at existing reservoirs, along with the new storage facilities at Nyleta, Wheatley’s Hill, and Bulgun,” said Mayor Nolan. 

“Water quality is a critical issue for our ratepayers and finding ways to spend their money more efficiently is always top of mind. In this case, we have a solution that is delivering consistency in water quality and driving ratepayer dollar further.”

“This project is another exceptional example of showcasing our staff at Cassowary Coast Regional Council. This is the second year in a row, we have been a finalist in this category at the LGMA Excellence Awards.”

While being a showcase for successful innovation, the Council is continuing to refine the system’s ability with future plans looking at ways to apply the system smarts to other uses within the network. This is all part of the Council’s asset sustainability strategies and maintaining a high water quality goal. 

For further information please contact us on 1300 763 903 or email at enquiries@cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au.

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