Cassowary Coast Crows AFL Club looking to recruit new players

Coaches, Sam Benvenuti and Nigel Liddle, with Cassowary Coast AFL players after a training session at Goondi Sporting Complex.

CASSOWARY Coast Crows AFL Club is looking for more players to join their ranks, in all age groups, but especially in the Under 7/8 and Women’s teams.

The club currently has three teams, and two of those who combined with other clubs participate in the Cairns competition.

The Under 12 mixed team has combined with Manunda Hawks, the Under 15 Girls’ team has players from Manunda Hawks and Port Douglas, whilst the Under 8 team features local players from Babinda to Mission Beach.

Nigel Liddle, Sam Benvenuti, and Mary Jane Masina, have taken on coaching roles. 

The Under 15 girls’ team, who play in the Cairns competition, are currently sitting fourth out of seven teams, whilst the Under 12 team is sitting sixth out of twelve teams, which is a great result considering the players only meet on game days.

Three Under 14 girls, who are in the Under 15 team, are part of the Gold Coast Suns Academy. Charlize Liddle, Patricia Hart, and Leila Joinbee are the three girls, who are amongst the only seven players selected from the Cairns AFL competition.

In May, Patricia Hart and Charlize Liddle from the Under 15 team competed in the State AFL championships in Mackay, where they were in the top country teams, which were extremely competitive against the city teams.

John Ellington, from Mission Link, has kindly donated a bus, used by the club for transportation on training and game days.

This weekend, the Under 15 girls’ team will travel by bus to Port Douglas for an overnight stay. They will participate in two training sessions with coaches and team bonding before travelling by bus to games at Cazaly’s Stadium in Cairns on Sunday. 

After the season, a trip to Adelaide is planned in September for the Under 15 girls’ team, to determine their level, participate in team and club building, and promote girls in sport.

A women’s game against a Cairns team is planned to be played at Goondi Sporting Complex after the season. 

Training is held for boys and girls every Thursday at Goondi Sporting Complex with Under 8/10 from 4.00 – 5.00pm, Under 12 from 5.00pm, and Under 15 at 6.00pm.

Any girls and women, especially Under 15 – 18s, interested in playing are invited to come and join in a training session.

Next year, the club is aiming to find more players to field Under 18 and Women’s teams. For further information please visit Cassowary Coast Crows Facebook page, via email: cccrowsfc@gmail.com or by phoning Nigel Liddle on 0484 001 405.

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