Cassowary Coast athletes excel at Tolga Pentathlon

Indi Bishop-Utschink, Ruby Torrisi, Ella Croatto, and Olivia Aquilina.

OVER 160 athletes competed in the Tolga Interclub Pentathlon at Tolga Sports Reserve, hosted by Tableland Athletics Club, where records fell one after another and lots of personal bests were achieved. 

Cassowary Coast Athletics Club was well represented with twenty-one competitors, who all performed extremely well.

Clubs from Normanton, Cassowary Coast, Tully, Douglas, Cairns, Ross River, Mulgrave, Whitsundays, together with many independent athletes, took part in the family-friendly event.

Athletes aged from six years up to the master’s age group competed in a fixed five-event program, whilst those aged four and five could take part in a tetrathlon.

The first twenty athletes aged 14 years+ who nominated, participated in a throws pentathlon which consisted of hammer, shot put, discus, javelin, and weight throw.

All athletes aged Under 6 received participation medals, whilst the first three placegetters in each group were awarded medals, and trophies were presented to record breakers.

The results were as follows:

Braxton D’Urso – 9 years

1st: 200m (30.10) new record (previous record was 34.05 set by Jonty Coutts in 2018)

1st: 100m (14.90) new record (previous record was 15.00 set by John-Paul Amadio in 1993)

1st: 800m (2:59.90)

1st: Long Jump (3.72m)

Sailah D’Urso – 6 years

1st: 80m (16.10)

2nd: 100m (20.90)

2nd: 200m (49.60)

3rd: Long Jump (1.92m)

Amiyrah Swain – 7 years

1st: 80m (15.00)

1st: 100m (18.70)

1st: 200m (41.60)

1st: Long Jump (2.81m)

2nd: Shot Put (3.85m)

Ella Croatto – 8 years

1st: 100m (16.40)

2nd: 200m (35.50)

2nd: 800m (3:26.20)

3rd: Long Jump (2.93m)

Ruby Torrisi – 8 years

1st: Shot Put (5.78m)

Olivia Aquilina – 8 years

2nd: Shot Put (4.39m)

Siena Rose Torrisi – 10 years

1st: Shot Put (7.60m)

Chilli Newman – 10 years

3rd: Shot Put (5.72m)

Brady Devaney – 9 years

2nd: Long Jump (3.56m)

Ryan Aquilina – 9 years

1st: Shot Put (6.47m)

Quinn Devaney – 10 years

1st: 100m (16.10)

1st: 200m (32.00)

1st: High Jump (1.06m)

1st: Discus (20.12m)

2nd: 800m (2:54.20)

Marlion Swain – 11 years

1st: 100m (15.50)

1st: 200m (31.20)

1st: 800m (2:59.90)

1st: Long Jump (4.04m)

1st: Shot Put (7.37m)

Lincoln Fay – 12 years

1st: 200m (36.10)

2nd: 100m (17.10)

2nd: High Jump (1.10m)

2nd: 800m (3:22.20)

Charlie Fay – 9 years

2nd: 800m (3:42.00)

Karina Guglielmi – 12 years

1st: 100m (14.70)

1st: 200m (31.70)

1st: Shot Put (7.30m)

Alexia Guglielmi – Under 18

3rd: 100m (16.60)

3rd: 200m (35.30)

2nd: Discus (17.47m)

2nd: High Jump (1.20m)

Mary Bryan – Under 6 Tetrathlon

1st: 80m (17.70)

1st: 100m (22.70)

1st: Long Jump (1.58m)

1st: Discus (5.52m)

Dominic Bryan – 7 years

1st: 80m (15.00)

1st: 100m (18.00)

1st: 200m (41.70)

1st: Shot Put (5.02m)

3rd: Long Jump (2.47m)

Jaxen Swenson – 8 years

2nd: High Jump (0.90m)

3rd: 100m (17.40)

Aiden Smith – Open

1st: 800m (2:24.40)

2nd: 100m (13.20)

2nd: 200m (27.30)

2nd: High Jump (1.55m)

2nd: Discus (21.42m)

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